DC tomorrow!

Unless you live under a rock, it's no surprise that the Mets haven't won a baseball game in A WEEK. 

The show must go on, and we're rolling a thousand deep tomorrow in DC. We can't physically swing the bats for our guys, but we can do all in our power to get behind them out there. 

We're heading to enemy territory in last place, but lets not go down with our tails between our legs. Keep your heads high and your voices loud. We aren't a bunch of sad sacks and the season is still young. Plenty of time to right this ship. 

- Mets opened up LOT A special for us. 
- Parking is FREE.
- Lot A opens at 4:15am.
- Lot is on 126th street next to McFadden's. 
- Buses will meet us at LOT A.
- You CAN bring drinks and food on the bus. NO GLASS.
- Bring garbage bags if you'll need them.
- It's going to be HOT. Bring water.
- Pack sunscreen.
- Buses depart at 5:45am SHARP. We can not wait longer than that.
- Bus makes one rest stop on the way down.
- Bus departs for the ride home immediately after the game. DON'T GET LOST. Keep your ears open with the crew for the pickup location.
- Bring a change of clothes for the ride home so you don't smell like a foot.

- Same suggestions from above
- Bus will leave at 6:45am SHARP
- Departs across from the New Brunswick train station - Albany Street and Easton Ave

Don't forget your tickets!

Also, remember there's a $15 concession credit on your ticket.
Just scan your barcode at the vendors in the ballpark. 

The plan is to pre-game at the FAIRGROUNDS behind the ballpark's center fields entrance. That's the giant open space bar across the street. This all depends on the time the buses arrive. We'll keep ya posted on social media, so make sure you follow along with @The7Line accounts tomorrow. 

Wear your event t-shirt. If you're not feeling it, wear ORANGE

Rock a BLUE Mets hat if you have one. 

You CAN bring in signs and flags, but NO flagpoles. Same goes for selfie sticks. Don't bring them, they'll be confiscated. If you're making signs, get creative. 

It's going to be HOT. Stay hydrated. 

Get plenty of rest tonight. Not that we have anything to prove, but the Nationals fan base will be looking at us like we're a beat down younger brother after this last week we've had. Lets prove them wrong. Plenty of time to rest after the game. 

As usual, be respectful of the ballpark, employees and fans. We have a good reputation throughout the league, and by rolling with us, we all have the responsibly to keep it that way. 

Let's will our boys to a big W tomorrow. LGM! 

Ep 18: "Hard Times"

The Mets haven't gotten in the win column in over a week, but that doesn't stop the boys from downing some cold ones and talking all things orange-and-blue. Sports Illustrated Films' "Loyal til the Last Out" is set to debut this weekend, and the guys welcome in executive producer Josh Oshinsky for a few final words and some exclusive clips before the national premiere. Plus, some epic rants, an extended Q&A, and all the usual fun. Come hang out, because the mantra remains the same, in good times and bad: LGM! 

OABT is co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni and we're a pretty visual show. Try to catch the live episode next week at 6pm on An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. The comments section turns in to a live chat room, and the fan engagement is super cool to see. Join us next week.  

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Hoodies drop on Monday

The 7 Line Army members Ivery Black and Drea Ortado Goode teamed up on these fresh new photos of our "126th street" and "Stay True" hoodies. You may know Drea as our staff photog at the games and Ivery caught the grand slam off the bat of Kelly Johnson last year at Citi Field. We like to keep as many aspects of our brand "in the family", and can't thank them enough for taking the time to get this done for us.

The hoodies drop this coming Monday at noon and we have them available in sizes S-4XL while supplies last. 

We feel these are without a doubt the nicest hoodies in our existence and think that you'll appreciate the craftsmanship behind them. Patches across the chest and right sleeve and a sharp looking woven label on the pocket. Nice simple touches that bring the quality up a notch or two. 

126th Street hoodies:

Black and grey zip ups ($82) +$3 for 2XL-4XL

Black and grey pullovers ($76) +$3 for 2XL-4XL

Stay True hoodies:

Royal blue zip ups ($82) +$3 for 2XL-4XL


Ep 10: Orange and Blue Thing

Another really fun episode this week. The guys welcomed former Mets pitcher and current SNY analyst Nelson Figueroa to the show. Chatting about his road ito the bigs, growing up locally then pitching for the Mets, the WBC, transitioning to SNY and his thoughts on the 2017 Mets. Chill laid back convo.

The guys also break some HUGE news about a partnership with Topps. You're not gonna wanna miss this one. Tune in to hear all about it. 

As usual we got to our clip of the week, follows, posts and voice memo's (send us one for next week). Just two guys sipping beers and chatting about random Mets stuff. It's fun.  

Also, little did we know a drinking game spawned in the comments section during the live stream. The guys tend to say "dude" a lot. So crack open a cold one and take a sip every time you hear it. DUDE.

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SI Films documentary premiere party!

"Loyal 'Til The Last Out": An SI Films Documentary

So excited to announce the details for this exclusive first look with The 7 Line Army. Sports Illustrated Films followed our group from Spring Training to the Wild Card game of the 2016 season, and put together this film. We also gave them a hard drive of footage and photos since the beginning to work with. So, if you've ever been to an outing, you're probably in it. This is huge for the crew and we hope you're as excited about it as we are. The doc is all about the friends, families and lifestyles associated with being die hard fans of the team we love along with the history of The 7 Line Army dating back to 2012. 

The premiere party will be held at Long Island's famous pub and concert hall Mulcahy's on Saturday March 18th. Entry will be just $40 and that includes a three hour open bar (6-9pm) and a buffet dinner. The guys from Mulcahy's are season ticket members with T7LA, and we can't thank them enough for putting on this great event with us.

Walk the red carpet starting at 5pm and be the first to watch the film at 8pm. Stay afterwards for a night of drinking and dancing. The Zack Brown Tribute Band goes on at 10pm and there will be some drink specials for the rest of the night.


21+ only.

We can't thank SI Films enough for this opportunity. Really excited to see the finished product. To all of you who have cheered with us since 2012, THANK YOU. Together we turned this vision in to the largest traveling supporters group in MLB history. We should all be very proud of that. Come celebrate with us!


Check out an exclusive clip thanks to SI Films executive producer Josh Oshinsky.