Join us in 2017!


Our renewal process is complete and we have 170 openings with The 7 Line Army for the 14 home game plan in 2017. We had an 80% retention from last year's members. Not bad after just one year of the season ticket package.

SO WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REST OF THE SEATS? We are filling an additional 170 seats for 2017, which will bring our membership total to 559. Last year we were at 500.

We'll randomly select 340 e-mail addresses that will be sent an access code for the sale. You will not be guaranteed tickets by having a code, but the odds will be greatly better than the sale being completely open to the public.

Why 340 CODES? We've noticed a trend on other sales where fans sign up for the offer, get a code, then not buy at all or only buy one seat. So 340 is twice the amount of available seats. If we only send out exactly 170 codes, there would undoubtably be unsold seats. 

You'll have the chance to purchase up to 2 seats with The 7 Line Army for the season. Single seat purchases are allowed. Each ticket plan is worth $1,095 plus applicable service charges. You'll have the option to pay in full, or put 70% down. The remaining 30% would be automatically charged on January 3rd.

$1,095 gets you the 14 home games, a custom T7LA jersey made by Majestic with your name/number, a T7LA 2017 member pin and a special rally towel.


Tickets will be mailed to you from the Mets. Your jersey/pin/towel will be shipped by us.

WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE OPEN SEATS BEHIND THE SEASON PACKAGE MEMBERS? Like last year, the remaining 300 seats in the section will be sold on a game-by-game basis.


The 7 Line Army 2017


A look back at our 2016 memories. Make some with us this upcoming season....

Best road trip ever!

Every Mets away game of the 2017 season.

Not quite sure why, but I just had an idea for a 6 month long road trip. While I can't do it, and don't know anyone with this amount of disposable income or time, decided to map it out anyway.

You'd undoubtably get sick of your friends way before the All Star break, but just imagine the stories! Not to mention a great way to see the in's and out's of this great country. 

The only games you'd get to hit at Citi would be the opening two series against the Braves and Marlins. You'd then be on the road straight until August when we come back home for the Subway Series week. Zig zagging back and forth from coast to coast.

Any film crews out there looking to film a documentary? We can no doubt find some characters to fill an RV for you. 


Stops in order:

Citizens Bank Park - Phillies

Marlins Park - Marlins

Nationals Park - Nationals

SunTrust Park - Braves

Miller Park - Brewers

Chase Field - Diamondbacks

PNC Park - Pirates

Globe Life Park - Rangers

SunTrust Park - Braves (again)

Dodger Stadium - Dodgers

AT&T Park - SF Giants

Marlins Park - Marlins (again)

Nationals Park - Nationals (again)

Busch Stadium - Cardinals


Petco Park - Padres

Safeco Field - Mariners

Coors Field - Rockies

Citizens Bank Park - Phillies (again)

Yankee Stadium - Yankees

Nationals Park - Nationals (For the third time)

Great American Ballpark - Reds

Minute Maid Park - Astros

Wrigley Field - Cubs

SunTrust Park - Braves (For the third time)

Marlins Park - Marlins (For the third time)

Citizens Bank Park - (For the third time)




MILES: 28,961


We have a winner!

We have a winner! The polls are now closed and the pinstripe jersey grabbed 58.32% of the votes. Here are the final numbers... 

Pinstripe: 2,505

NY Camo: 1,790


I really liked the camo though! Can we buy that one separately? We're figuring this out with Majestic. The fabrics used for both jerseys is custom, so the minimum order needed to produce is right around 500 jerseys. If the demand is there, we'll make them. Stay tuned on that.

Why can't you just make both?!?! To the above point, these are both completely custom and the minimums are high on both of these to start production. The winning jersey (Pinstripe) will be the jersey each member gets who joins our season ticket package.

Why did you let fans who don't sit with us vote? Some members aren't renewing (we're also opening 100 more seats) and we are filling those seats with our lottery. We don't know who the winning lottery winners are yet, so the fairest way was to open it to the public. 

I won't be able to join you for the season, but I'd like a pinstripe jersey, can I buy one? Yes, we're working on a replica style that will closely resemble the ones our season ticket members will be getting. This is the same reason we wanted the vote open to the public.

I didn't like either option, but I'm a season ticket holder of yours! That's unfortunate and we were nervous that may happen. It's hard to keep everyone happy when it comes to a vote between two choices. We were personally happy with either of them, and hope you are too. For 2016 we didn't offer any options and everyone seemed to be happy with what we chose. You can still wear the 2016 cut, or anything orange. We aren't picky and want you to be comfortable. 

I'd like to join your crew for 2017. How can I do that? Our lottery will be open shortly. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop! LGM 2017!

Who are you, CPA?

There's a face behind every cheer. While the sea of orange and blue unites as one until the last pitch, everyone has lives outside of the ballpark confines. T7LA has brought together thousands of like minded fans since 2012, but baseball isn't our only purpose in life. Obviously, everyone needs a way to fund their fandom. We do have some retirees in the crew, but at least 9 out of every 10 fans has a day job. What is it? What do you do? How did you become a Mets fan? What are you hobbies? Who are you? 

Here’s our chance to get to know each other a little better. We want to showcase the variety of people who cheer with us—accountants, artists, teachers, nurses, lawyers, court officers, students, entrepreneurs, soldiers. Kind of amazing in itself.  We can’t wait to learn more about your Mets experiences and your life outside the game. 

To submit your story, read THIS. Each Tuesday until April we'll pick a different fan to highlight. 

Next up is a CPA named Nick from Astoria. He started cheering with us a few years ago, but we all got to know him better this past season. A friendly dude who's down for a good time. Right up our alley. 


NAME: Nick Zacarese AKA “CPA”  @MrMet_CPA

RESIDE: Astoria, NY

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? I really am a certified public accountant.  I work for a firm in Union Square that provides business management and accounting/tax services.  And if you see me at outings, I don’t mind people asking me tax questions.  I love what I do and I’d be happy to help (can’t make any promises though!).

ANY INTERESTING HOBBIES? I’m sure many T7L members can relate to the fact that being a true die-hard Mets fan is very time-consuming.  In the baseball off-season I’m extremely busy with tax season. I try to add onto a pretty awesome bobblehead collection that I started when I was 13.  My roommates and I maintain a sweet mini-bar in my apartment, so if any T7L members are in Astoria, stop by for a drink sometime!

HOW DID YOU BECOME A METS FAN? WHAT YEAR? My dad made sure I became a Mets fan, and I’m SO grateful for that!  He took me to my first game in 1992.  We saw Bobby Bonilla hit a HR, and I remember my dad pointing to it as to say “look how far he hit it!”.  Bobby Bonilla became my favorite player after that, and as many of you know, he’s still on the team’s payroll to this day!

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT T7LA? Prior to 2012, I remember hearing about the apparel through Facebook, but didn’t think it was anything too crazy.  Then I saw the RA Dickey outing on TV in 2012, and then a few more outings in 2013.  Before the start of the 2014 season, I knew that I had to be a part of it!

WHEN WAS YOUR FIRST TIME CHEERING WITH T7LA? 2014 outing in Philly.  We won in 14 innings…one of the best games I’ve ever seen live.  Me and my friend Hessvacio got tickets, and we have so many great memories of that game.  Holding the Jon Stewart and Will Smith big heads, having a drink with Cowbell Man, meeting Kevin Burkhardt, all the chants, etc.

HOW MANY OUTINGS HAVE YOU HIT IN TOTAL? 20!  Three in 2014 (1 away and 2 home games), only one in 2015 (one of the Bronx invasion games), and with the season ticket package I went to 16 in 2016 (13 regular season home, 2 away games, and the WC game).  I guess it’s 21 if you count the Cooperstown camping trip this year.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK? T7L has become a 2nd family to me!  I’ve made so many friends from all walks of life, and it feels like we’ve known each other forever since we all grew up die-hard Mets fans.

ANY AWAY GAMES YET WITH T7LA? WHERE? A few.  Philly in 2014, Bronx in 2015, and DC (Support Harvey Day) as well as one of the Bronx invasion games in 2016.  I’m already making plans for STL and HOU in 2017 (probably DC and the Bronx as well!).

FAVORITE OUTING MEMORY?  This is how I knew T7L was something special.  I had a ticket to the Wednesday day game against the Royals, but decided to work a half-day in the morning.  My boss was giving me a hard time about some nonsense, and it ticked me off a little bit at the time.  I left the office late, hurried to the stadium, and I got there around the 2nd or 3rd inning still in my work clothes besides my jersey.  As I’m going to my seat, behind me I hear “C-P-A! C-P-A! C-P-A!”  It was Darren, Andrew, and a few others chanting for me.  And a few other people came up to me and said things like “we finally got you out of work, huh?”  After all the nonsense from that morning, I remember looking around at all my T7L friends, watching a baseball game on a Wednesday afternoon, and being really happy!  O yea, Matt Reynolds also hit a game-winning HR in the 8th to beat the Royals, that helped too.

FAVORITE ALL TIME MET PLAYER? David Wright.  He’s a class-act who works his tail off every day.  It doesn’t hurt that he also grew up a Mets fan.  As a fan, you want the players to put in the hard work and effort that he does.

SHEA OR CITI? Shea will always be nostalgic, but Citi is starting to feel more like home.  I’ve become friends with Mike the beer guy, some of the security guards, and other people around the ballpark.  It’s really been a great couple of years!

HAVE A BASEBALL BUCKET LIST? WHAT'S ON TOP OF IT? Not really, but I’ve always had the goal to visit all 50 states.  I’m at about 20 right now, and some of these future away outings should get me closer to that goal.

LIKE ANY SPORTS BESIDES BASEBALL? WHAT TEAMS? No team I’ve ever rooted for as hard as the Mets.  But I was also a big football fan growing up, and the Giants were always my team.  I also follow the Rangers and Knicks occasionally, and I’ve been rooting for Syracuse Football and Basketball ever since I attended SUNY Oswego in Central, NY.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA ADD? For those who don’t know me, look for the crazy guy wearing the backwards orange visor at outings.  I’m very friendly and love talking to fellow Mets fans about our team, T7L, or baseball in general.  Lastly, thank you to T7L, particularly for the season ticket package.  I was nervous at my first outing of 2016 because I barely knew anyone, but quickly made a ton of great friends!  Looking forward to a very successful 2017!!!



Rebecca G.

Carmelo F.

Andrew I.

Bianca S.

Katie F.


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