Final home game tailgate!

Tailgate with us this Sunday at Citi! The final regular season home game. Let's finish game 81 with a bang! Our 62nd outing with T7LA. 

SPECIAL THANKS TO BOBBIQUE! The boys from the delicious joint in Patchogue have graciously offered to serve FREE food to The 7 Line Army members. If you're sitting with us, wear your orange jersey or event t-shirt so they know you're in the loop. They can't fill up everyone, but they'll have a nice spread to go around. A first come first serve line will form once they're ready to go. Be patient and say thank you to the guys. Very awesome of them. Reminder: On Sunday October 2nd, we'll be AT Bobbique for a final game of the season VIEWING PARTY. Join us for this fun event on Long Island. Click here for details. 

Sunday: Gates should open around 9am (GAME IS AT 1:10), so try to be early to make sure you get in to secure a spot. The lot can fill up pretty quickly especially since this is the final home game of the regular season.

We'll be set up at our normal spot just past the train station platform. The MTA "Southfield Lot" is located on Roosevelt Avenue just next to the steps to the 7 train. Great location with plenty of room. Check the below map if you're not in the know. 

Even if you're not sitting with us, you're welcome to come by. More the merrier, so tell your friends. They'll be some free grub (if you're sitting with T7LA), but you're also encouraged to bring your own grills, drinks, snacks... but make sure you CLEAN UP after yourselves. Nobody likes a mooch, so please don't go rummaging through anyones coolers that don't belong to you. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to share, that's totally your call. Come prepared. 

Even if you're shy, try to say hi. We're all friendly. 

The game is at 1:10 so prepare to head in around 12:30 so we can get to our seats in time for the National Anthem. 


McFadden's pregame tonight!


Pregame with us tonight! We'll be at McFadden's before heading in to the seats. This is our LAST pregame of the regular season at the bar. On Sunday, we'll be tailgating. 

WE'LL BE LOOSELY DISCUSSING THE 2017 HOME SCHEDULE. We'll obviously be hitting the first and last games, along with the 2 Subway Series games. We need to pick at least TEN more games at home to make up our 2017 home season. Take a look at the schedule and come up with what you think works.

Wearing our gear to McFadden's is the simplest way to get a discounted drink before/during/after every home game. Simply show the bartender the T7L on your shirt, hoodie, hat or jacket and get a great discount.


$2 cans of PBR

$4 ANY draft (domestic or import)

$5 house mix drinks

DC! Do's and Don'ts

Good morning! Hope you're as pumped as we are for the trip to DC tomorrow. While some of you may be joining for the first time, this is our 60th outing as a group with T7LA! We have a record of 33-25-1 so far. The 1 was this year's Spring Training opener which ended in a tie. Hopefully we see W number 34 and have a happy ride back home to New York. 

Rough one last night. Gotta brush it off tonight and get after the series win tomorrow. While the division seems to be slipping away, we are still very much alive in the Wild Card. Win and get in. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Keep that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) up, and believe.

If you're riding the Rally Bus, be at the MTA lost across from Citi Field on Roosevelt Avenue with enough time to spare. We are leaving at 8:00 AM sharp. We recommend showing up by around 7:30am.

- For your convenience, Rally doesn't use paper tickets. Instead, check-in by using the kiosk as you board the bus. You can scan the QR code in your booking receipt, or just enter your booking number manually. You can also give the driver your name to verify your booking.
- Show up early to board with friends. We have 4 buses.
- You can bring food and drinks.
- It's always a smart idea to bring a garbage bag if you're going to need one.
- The bus does have bathrooms. We also stop at one rest stop along the way.
- Buses have power, so bring your phone charger.
- You can leave belongings behind on the bus at your own discretion.

After the game, we'll be leaving immediately. GET BACK TO THE BUS. Keep your eyes and ears open.

DON'T FORGET YOUR TICKETS! It happens every time, really.
- If you'd like, make signs. Keep it classy. Something positive about our Mets or the group.
- Cheer on our boys as much as possible. We hit DC earlier in the season for an impromptu trip for Matt Harvey, but this is the first planned big one. We're rolling 1,100 strong tomorrow. Let's make it count!
- Wear the event t-shirt. If you don't like the shirt, or are rocking a jersey instead, just WEAR BLUE. 
- If you like the pin, toss is on a cap or something. This is a keepsake for you to remember. If not, that's cool too. Just an idea.
- Drown out the Nationals chants. It's fun, but be classy. Going back and forth with Nats fans is cool. Cursing and being obnoxious isn't. We say "Mets fans have more fun!" Let's prove it.

- Don't bring flagpoles or selfie sticks. They'll be confiscated at the gate. Flags themselves are cool, just not the pole. 
- Don't bring thunder sticks from past outings. They are frowned upon in DC, and you'll be told not to use them.
- Don't act up. If you're told to do something by ballpark staff, listen. We have a great track record. Let's keep it that way please. 
- If you're making a sign, use common sense. You should have a good idea by now about what is considered family-friendly.

PREGAME: THE FAIRGROUNDS! Huge outdoor bar behind center field. You can't miss it. We should arrive around 1:30pm depending on traffic. We'll head in the ballpark together around 3:15 PM. Get your stuff together and be ready for the short parade. 

CONCESSION CREDIT: Don't forget that your ticket has a built-in $8 concession credit. Scan the barcode at any concession in the ballpark. Beer, food... whatever. Use it. 

HASHTAG: We like checking out your photos and videos. Post to social media with the hashtag #The7LineArmy so we can search for them afterwards. We'll repost some of the best ones. Remember, if you're set to private private, we won't see em. 



The Bobbique boys!

FUN NEWS! The Bobbique boys have some really cool stuff planned for The 7 Line Army. You may or may not know about their spot in Patchogue. Delicious food, excellent drink selections and play host to some great bands. They are a must visit spot on the popular Main Street strip. 

What you also might not know it that they are season ticket holders with The 7 Line Army. Eric and his son Sonny, and Anthony and his son Anthony Joseph joined us for the home season this year and we've had a blast cheering with them.

As a very generous thank you to the group they are setting up a FREE tailgate party for everyone sitting with us for the final regular season home game on 9/25. They'll be serving Bobbique's famous pulled pork, jumbo wings, hamburgers, hot dogs and Bobbique's famous St Louis ribs. This will be FREE for all those members who have joined our season ticket package this year along with those fans who purchased the single game option on 9/25. Wear your jerseys and event t-shhirts. They can't fill everyones bellies, but they'll put a dent in it. Food will be first come first serve while supplies last. 

NEXT UP they are hosting a viewing party during the final regular season game on 10/2. Mets are playing the Phillies at 3pm down at Citizens Bank Park and we'll be cheering on from Patchogue. 

Doors will open at noon and the specials will run all day. Jets game is on at 1pm if anyone wants to roll through early to catch that. $3 Bud and Bud Lights, select drafts and well drinks. $1 jumbo wings, pulled pork and burger sliders. Great deals that won't kill your wallet. NO COVER. BRING VALID ID.  

We'll be bringing some free swag to toss out during the game between innings. 

Many thanks to the guys at Bobbique. Super gracious of them to offer up their food and services on 9/25, say thank you to them and swing by on 10/2! 

Plenty of free parking all around Patchogue for you designated drivers. The LIRR station is a block away if you'd like to go that route. 



Citi Field exclusive

We just dropped an exclusive color our our New Era Catcher 9Fifty at Citi Field. Sharp new take on our popular neon series cap. Instead of an all black cap, this one has a blue brim, button and plastic enclosure. The NE Flag is also blue/orange.  Grab one at a game this weekend before they sell out. Supplies are LIMITED. ONLY 72 AVAILABLE.

Also in stock is a variety of our other New Era caps in 9Fifty and 59Fifty styles. Inventory changes rather quickly, but here is the current lineup: 

T7L (Blue w/ Orange Bill)
M Logo
Neon Pitcher, Catcher, and Batter (Very scarce in sizes)

1988-92 Road Uni
1987 Script Uni
M  Logo Mesh Trucker w/ Blue Bill
M Logo Mesh Trucker w/ Orange Bill
NY State
The 7 Line Army
Neon Catcher
Neon Catcher w/ Blue Bill