2017 update

Hey, Mets fans! A lot to read here...

Many of you have inquired about when individual game tickets will go up for the new season. We've been waiting because we had to compete our renewal process and lottery system before we knew exactly how many seats would be available.

We're happy to announce that T7LA has grown to 552 season package members for the 14-game home plan in 2017! Thank you to the New York Mets for handling the renewal and new member sign up process. The Mets are the 1st in MLB to have an official supporters section and the best part about it, it's all homegrown. Nothing about the crew was ever forced by the team, and all you guys who have sat with us have gotten it to this point. We simply grabbed the tickets. You bought 'em, and we showed up together and rocked the place. None of this would have been possible if you didn't believe in the goal since that first outing in 2012. You all deserve a round of applause!

As you know, we mainly sell apparel, and our system isn't built to handle ticket sales. The Mets went above and beyond to get this done. We're now handling the jersey production with Majestic, along with the other goodies that are going along with the package this year. A T7LA 2017 official member pin and a rally towel that says T7LA 2017 season ticket holder are new this year for the members.

This leaves 311 seats open per game. New for this year is a replica style jersey that will be available for purchase. Each fan that chooses to sit with us on a game-by-game basis will have the option to purchase the replica jersey separately. Last year we had an event t-shirt (one design) that you'd get with the ticket. Many fans hit multiple games, so they ended up getting the same t-shirt design numerous times. Nobody needs that. This year, you can purchase the replica jersey once and be set for the year. A simple solution that also gives the crew a nice unified clean look from front to back.

This year, the single game tickets will come with a T7LA 2017 pin and rally towel with that games date on it. A nice keepsake and one-of-a-kind souvenir from the game. The single game tickets will not include a t-shirt this year. This keeps the cost down per game, while also giving you exclusive merch not available for sale elsewhere. You can choose to buy the replica style jersey, or simply wear orange. Totally your call. As usual, we'll have a tailgate party before every weekend game and everyone is always invited. GREAT way to meet new people from the crew and mingle before heading in.

Our AWAY games this year are DC, STL, SEA, HOU, NYY, and will be sold on a game-by-game basis. These WILL come with a special event t-shirt. They'll also come with a patch. These patches are intended to be attached to your jersey (if you get one), or anywhere else you'd like to stick it. A badge of honor, if you will.

We'll also be hitting Spring Training on 3/11 and those tickets should be up any day now. Stay tuned for those details.

As we have on sale dates for all this we'll keep you informed. Join our mailing list to make sure you don't miss any information. Thank you all for everything and we all wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Can't wait to get 2017 started. LGM!



  • Question my son is a die hard mets fan and was always to young to do what you guys are doing now he isn’t I wanted to find out how are you guys getting to St Lucia for spring training is it a bus going out there ?

    Beatrice on
  • Been an avid fan since the early 70s. Was at Game 6 1986 World Series . What a game it was. Sat in all different parts of Shea. Last year was the first that I didn’t make it to a game. I was away in Ireland for my 25th wedding anniversary & 2 kids in college. But plan on being there for a few this year.

    Richard Keil on

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