Photo/Video Of The Day: Omir Santos HR at Fenway

May 23rd, 2009: Top of the 9th inning, 2 outs, Mets down 2-1. Omir Santos at the plate, Shef on the bases and Jonathan Papelbon on the mound. Santos drives the first pitch JUST over the yellow line on top of the Green Monster. The play was the first ever to be reviewed in the history of Fenway Park. After what felt like forever, prob about 4 minutes, the umpiring crew came out from the barracks and motioned HR. The Met fans in attendance went ape shit and I'm happy to say I was a part of it. This photo was taken just moments after we had sat back down in our seats after high fiving every Orange and Blue supporter in our section. I've witnessed hundreds of home runs in my 30 year fan career. Can't say I've ever seen one on the road that was this memorable. If it was a clean HR it would have been just as great but the anticipation waiting for the umpires to come back with the call really made the moment one I'll never forget. Here is video I shot of the crowd patiently waiting: The following day we went back for the series finale and several Sox fans that I spoke to said they have never heard that many Mets fans completely take over Fenway Park. LGM!

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