Spring Training: 1986

My Grandparents moved from Flushing to Florida around 1990 but in the 80's they'd plan trips down I-95 to visit friends and catch some Mets Spring Training games. As far back as I can remember my Grandfather, "Poppy", would be either watching the game or listening on some beat up AM radio out near the BBQ with a Meister Brau beer in hand. My Grandma was also a fan although she'd pretend to like the Braves, calling them "her team" whenever the two would match up throughout the season. She was only joking but it would get him all riled up. It was fun. They lived on Kissena Blvd. and Pop would hit as many games as possible until they moved down South. I've blogged about this before but "Pop", John Trypuc, worked for the phone company and helped lay down all the phone lines when Shea Stadium was being built. I have photos of that too... just gotta track em down. He'd also have to check in on the place every once in a while. Testing the lines and of course getting autographs. He'd have to make sure the bullpen to dugout phone was working and filled baseballs with all the greats from the 60's-80's. Here's pop and Ron Darling. I can't say this is at a signing event because I can picture him grabbing this photo op even if Ron was mid meal. Loving the headphones, VERY 80's. I'm headed down to my first Spring Training this March and although 2012 isn't looking like 1986 it's sure to be a great time. Ya never know what may happen! Don't count out our roster just yet. Stranger things have happened. YA GOTTA BELIEVE! LGM!    

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