LF Deck Party!

I didn't have enough time to lock down a game for our LF Party Deck outing before leaving for spring training and now only a few dates are left. If you haven't heard about the LF Deck, which has been dubbed "Read The Apple Deck" by some fans, it's the new area that's been added since the walls have been pushed in. It's a private area for our group (100 tickets max) that will include the ticket to the game, food, beers and a special event t-shirt from us. I'm picturing it to be like the Shea Stadium Picnic area but a hell of a lot nicer with all you can drink beer. For the low price of $125 ($150 if we get the "classic" game) you can't really beat that. When you add up the food, beers and ticket to a normal game you already know how expensive that is. Adding an all you can eat/drink option makes it much more worth it. IF YOU PLAN ON COMING I'd like to know which date you'd attend. Please only comment if you are planning to buy a ticket. I need to lay the money out in advance and I don't want to get stuck with tickets. AVAILABLE GAMES: 4/20 Fri 7:10pm against the Giants - Value price $125 per ticket 4/21 Sat 1:10pm against the Giants - Classic price $150 per ticket 5/25 Fri 7:10pm against the Padres - Value price $125 per ticket COMMENT BELOW! I'll check the feedback and lock down the date tomorrow morning. Tickets will go up for sale on our webstore immediately after that and will be mailed to you before the game with your t-shirt.

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