Scavenger Hunt Winner!

I occasionally run online contests to give prizes away to our Facebook and Twitter followers. I wanted to take the contest idea a step further to incorporate social media while encouraging the participants to get off their ass to go search for something. Every order that leaves our warehouse gets a discount code for the customers next order. The code is usually set to 10% off. The discount code in this envelope was for 99% off and gave the lucky person who found it the option to get any three items they'd like from the website. To sweeten the deal Strawberry's Sports Grill in Douglaston, owned by Mets LEGEND Darryl Strawberry tossed in a gift certificate for the winner as well. At sundown I started to Tweet and post clues on the Facebook page as to where the envelope was left. I planted it earlier then went home to post the clues from my computer. CLUES: I'm somewhere in NY. In a PARK. I'm closer to the Nassau County border than Manhattan. There's a highway and a couple bridges close by. A Mets players last name is in my towns name. There are a few fields here and even a roller hockey rink. Look for a grass field EAST of the roller hockey rink. If you're there you are VERY close. LAST CLUE: The envelope is somewhere in this photo. Good luck! If you followed the clues you would know that the envelope was left in the park next to Fort Totten. At the base of the Throgs Neck Bridge in Bayside, NY. My buddy Enzo took the drive over there and said he saw at least 10 people milling through the park looking for the envelope. I wasn't sure how many people would be on the hunt so I didn't stick around to watch. I figured it may take all night and I had a few things to catch up on back at home. I am going to document the next one and interview the winner when they find it. I think it would be a pretty cool video piece that the fans may get a kick out of. This was fun! Thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to Nick Vigorito for finding the package! It was taped underneath the picnic table that you can vaguely see in the photograph. He found it within about an hour and a half from clue #1. If you don't live close by.. not to worry, The 7 Line Army spans the length of the world and we will be planting cards in other states and countries with the help of our loyal customers who live there.   Keep your eyes pealed! We'll be doing this once a week! In order to get in on the fun you need to FOLLOW ON TWITTER and LIKE ON FACEBOOK! That's the only way you'll know where to look. HAPPY HUNTING!

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