Art contest!

UPDATE: We never ran the contest due to a lack of entries. If you already submitted designs you are still in the running. If you are just learning about this now you have another week to get your files in! DEADLINE IS NOW 7/20/12! I get e-mails all the time from different fans asking if we accept artwork submissions. I say yes, and tell them that the artwork has to be "print ready" meaning the correct resolution and file format. Usually I never hear from them again and on occasion an idea is rad and we roll with it. The Bobby V. idea is not my own and ended up being one of the more popular shirt designs. The majority of the people who hit this website or buy the clothes have no idea that we do everything ourselves. I've personally been printing since 1998 and nothing that says THE 7 LINE on it has been pressed by anyone besides myself or one of the workers in our print shop. I try to print every shirt by hand and do so whenever possible but we occasionally run big jobs on my landlords automatic hydraulic press. When orders fly in for a specific shirt there is just no way I can keep up with the demand while printing by hand. There are just not enough hours in the day. Also, my wrists are pretty shot from the almost 15 years of printing and my carpel tunnel kicks in every once in a while making manual printing a struggle. Some fans are intrigued by what The 7 Line is all about and have asked if they can pop in to our warehouse to see the operation. Since 95% of our sales are through the website (we've been setting up in McFaddens on occasion this season) the lack of a storefront has people curious as to what goes on behind the scenes. We can't have a full blown open house but instead decided to let the fans decide who can come for a visit. We are looking for a new t-shirt that you'll design! The winner will be chosen from an online voting process. The artist with the most votes will be invited to come to the shop to learn how to bring their design to life! I'll personally show you everything I've learned over the years from the screen making process, registering the screens on my press and pulling the ink onto the shirt. I'll be there at your side to walk you through the process and give you a crash course in what I do every day. Your design will then be in our line for at least the rest of this baseball season. You'll get to keep a batch of the shirts that you personally printed on our press and also walk away with $100 cash. Think you have what it takes? We are looking for a talented individual with little to no screenprinting experience. We want this to be fun and also educational for you. I have close to 15 years of experience that I'd love to share with a fan willing to learn. Who knows, maybe this turns into a job for you. Treat it as a fun way to possibly get your foot in the door. Requirements: - Email your artwork to with the subject "ART CONTEST" - Include your name, age and hometown. Obviously you should live in driving distance to Jamaica, NY and be available to come during a business day in the near future. - 300dpi resolution files - Set your design as no larger than 14 x 14 inches. - NO trademarked logos may be used. No use of the word METS or any other team name. - Most importantly... have fun, THINK and be creative!

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