Incubus dudes rock The 7 Line

[caption id="attachment_1815" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="Ben Kenney from Incubus rocking The 7 Line "Flushing" tank."][/caption] Blog by Lizy Saroyan @Lizy_T7L It's fair to say I've been an Incubus fan for 10+ years, I've attended every New York concert since then and am very happy to continue on their musical journey. In June of 2011, they ran a contest for their NY fans. You had to take photo of yourself in your favorite NY location holding up and Incubus sign. I called up Kelly (Calendar Girl, Miss April 2012) and asked her if she could be my photographer for a few mins and she obliged. I submitted the photo and WON! It was an exciting experience. Myself and 100 other fans were chosen to participate in their upcoming music video which was being filmed on a NYC rooftop. My luck, it was raining that day and it was cancelled, but not before they came downstairs for a meet and greet. Because I love my Mets, love the products we produce at The 7 Line (I was fresh off just being hired), and love this band I decided to bring one tank and pass it over to the lead singer Brandon Boyd (who wears tanks a lot). I figured it was bad ass, and there was no way he'd get anything else as cool in the city. ;) Lets fast forward a bit. This year Incubus is on tour with Linkin Park. This was the first year I made a conscious decision not to purchase tickets to see them. I felt like they were way over priced and I'm not a fan of Linkin Park. I held out until an hour before the show, thought I'd be very upset if I didn't see them so I purchased a last minute ticket. I was under the impression that Incubus was the headlining act, which would mean they'd hit the stage around 9. Wednesday evenings I teach my Zumba class from 7-8 and figured I'd make it out to Jones Beach right on time to catch them. While I was teaching, I received a text from Darren showing a tweet from someone in the crowd that said.. I couldn't get in my car fast enough after that. I rushed over to Jones Beach but missed them preform since they hit the stage around 7. I started Tweeting Ben Kenney the bassist (Brandon gave him it) telling him I was on my way and hoped to take a photo with him, since I was the one that provided the tank. I know Jones Beach has a gated area where you can see band members walking to the backstage area. Low and behold, there goes Ben walking to his bus smoking a cigarette, I called out his name and he walked over to introduce himself. He asked if I was the one tweeting and I said yes! We had a great conversation about the tour and the brand, he told me he wears the tank all the time and I asked him if he wanted more; of course he said YES! He is wonderful, great to talk to, kind hearted with no super ego and super talented! Cheers! Good stuff Lizy! Even though you missed the show, sounds like it was a great experience! Thanks for the hookin it up! -Darren

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