Recapping One of the WILDEST Offseasons in Mets History

Recapping One of the WILDEST Offseasons in Mets History

by Tim Reilly March 02, 2021 0 Comments

It's March once again. But did it ever leave? I know, I'm tired of that joke already, too. 

In all seriousness, we're back to playing baseball. Monday marked the first game of Spring Training for the Mets and today will be the first televised on SNY. Let's go! 

This was one of the wildest offseasons in franchise history – and that's saying a lot. Think about it this way: Steve Cohen officially bought the team in November. Doesn't that feel like a lifetime ago? Well, that's because it kind of wise. 

Let's do a quick refresher on what went down this offseason before we move on to a fresh start:

  • The Wilpons owned the team when the season started
  • Steve Cohen remerged with another bid after an earlier failed attempt
  • J-Lo and A-rod tried to steal the team out from under Stevie
  • Cohen's first order of business was to bring back Sandy Alderson
  • Mets Twitter debated Black Jerseys for some reason
  • Uncle Stevie joined Twitter
  • Uncle Stevie OWNED Twitter
  • Bobby Bonilla day finally become a day we could brush off thank to a Steve Cohen tweet 
  • Trevor May was signed to bulk up the pen
  • "We're going to sign Realmutto, Bauer and Springer"
  • Jared Porter came on as GM and seemed like a great guy
  • Text messages revealed Jared Porter is definitely not a great guy
  • The black jerseys debate continued
  • Realmutto's price was too high and signing McCann felt like it insured Bauer and Springer
  • Springer signed elsewhere
  • Bauer's team emailed out Mets-themed great; he's coming to Queens
  • Bob Nightengale tweeted out Bauer to the Mets. Oh, god...
  • F––– Trevor Bauer
  • People forgot we traded for Lindor AND Carassco. Cookie > Bauer
  • Mickey Callaway needs to put a shirt back on and put his phone down
  • The lack of a DH decision handcuffed a move on Jackie Bradley Jr. 
  • The hell is going on with GameStop stock?
  • ...why do people keep incorrectly associating Cohen with it?
  • Portnoy tweeted at Cohen. Please don't answer. Please don't answer. Please don't answer. 
  • He answered
  • Uncle Stevie leaves Twitter 
  • Now we're back to arguing these damn black jerseys on Twitter
  • Pillar, Walker and Villar are brought in to add great depth pieces
  • Turk Wendell sent Walker a sweet No. 99 care package
  • deGrom showed up to camp turning heads already
  • Pete wants black jerseys back and now so do I
  • Uncle Stevie is back on Twitter, Mets baseball is back and we're going back to the World Series

Sit back and enjoy today's action. Fingers crossed to a full, uninterrupted season with us back at Citi Field sooner rather than later. Uncle Stevie is looking for a World Series in 3-5 years. Let's hope that comes sooner rather than later, too. 

P.S.: The first televised game of spring marks hot dog Opening Day. That's just a fact. 

Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly


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