T7LA Bronx Invasion is cancelled.

As you guys know,  every year since 2013, The 7 Line Army has made the Bronx Invasion a part of our away schedule. Unfortunately, this year, that tradition is going to end.

2013: 300 tickets 

2014: 500 tickets

2015: 1,300 tickets 

2016: 1,000 tickets (500 to each game of the 2)

Our trip to the Bronx has grown each year, so much so that last season we had 500 tickets to each game. But as the outing grew, the Yankees had a harder time accommodating us. In 2016, our group was spread out among too many sections, and we weren't crazy about the result. To us, it didn't feel like an outing, and a lot of people on the end sections suffered the most. That's just not what we want. We told the Yankees we weren't happy with the set up and that we would have to find a better solution for 2017.

But that's not in the cards, and the Yankees have told us the only option is to have the seating set up the same as last year. Spread out over multiple sections and this year only in rows 4-7. Not in the solid block that we are accustomed to. We understand that, even after all these years, the Subway Series is still a hot ticket, and demand is big, so we're going to gracefully decline the Yankees' offer and forego a Bronx Invasion for this year. Instead, we'll work on a gathering for us all to be together to watch the game. Stay tuned for more on that.

Our goal with every outing, home or away, is to make it feel like a fun, festive atmosphere; a night out with friends new and old at the ballpark. If we can't achieve that, it's just not worth doing, no matter where the game is.

Hopefully we can work with the Yankees again in the future, and we'll still be rolling deep at Citi Field to see our boys beat the Bombers. We'll just have to do it only on our turf this year.

Thanks for your understanding. The games at Citi Field will go up in a few weeks, so if you're looking to catch the Subway Series with us, we hope you'll scoop up tickets for those two outings.


The news broke on this weeks "Orange and Blue Thing". At the 1:09:00 mark:

 Awesome moment at "Bronx Invasion 2" in 2014:


  • Y’all are being very nice about this…personally, i dont think the Yankees want a big field of orange in their stands! Congrats on taking the “high road!”

    Shelley Z on
  • Skanks don’t need our money? Forget em. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere anyway. I went in 2014 and had a great time I’ll never forget, but let’s pump the $$ into literally anything else but Yankees owners pockets. This is a good thing. Thank you guys for what you do.

    Pat on

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