T7LRC Miles For The Mets Challenge

T7LRC Miles For The Mets Challenge

by Darren Meenan April 01, 2024 0 Comments


Back in 2022 Kyle Gelling clocked just under 300 miles while watching 25 Mets games. He picked one game a week to watch while on a treadmill. He'd get his steps in from the first pitch until the final out. Walking the whole time, and running during rallies.


I thought he was a little crazy to take on this challenge back then, but now I wanna do it.

Are you up for the challenge? Here's the deal!


Pick at least one game per week during the 2024 Mets regular season and get your body moving! In order to successfully complete the challenge you can not miss one game per week! Besides the All Star Break details listed below. 

Since we got a late start on this, we're allowing anyone to register for the challenge any time from now until Monday April 8th. That's when this challenge officially starts. If you want to run/walk any games before then, that's totally up to you. Once April 8th rolls around, the challenge officially begins.

Anyone who runs/walks one game each week for the 2024 Mets regular season will be enshrined with their name on the back of a challenge t-shirt that will be mailed to each participant at the end of the season. Just by signing up you'll get the shirt, but the only way your name will be on it is if you complete the challenge. If you live outside the US, we'll have to arrange for an additional charge to cover the extra postage at the end of the season. 


  • Walk or run during at least one Mets game per week from the first pitch until the final out. If you want to log more than one game per week, go for it! If you miss a week, you won't successfully compete the challenge, but keep going for your own personal achievement!
  • Take your steps outside and listen to Howie Rose and Keith Radd through the MLB app, Audacy, or on 880, or watch on a treadmill with Gary, Keith, and Ron on a TV or device.
  • If life gets busy and you can't get your miles in live during a game in a given week, you ARE allowed to listen/watch on a replay. As long as you're not fast forwarding through anything and you get the same amount of time in.
  • You must manually enter each week's results by that Sunday at 11:59pm. If not, you're ineligible to complete the challenge 
  • You CAN take the All Star Break off, or if you want some personal extra credit, get your miles in during the Home Run Derby or ASG. Otherwise only one series lands on that week, Friday July 19th through Sunday the 21st at Miami. Up to you if you want to log that weekend or not. Consider it a free week off if you'd like one. You can not swap and/or take any other weeks off. This is a courtesy since there is only one series that week, and you might need to get your steps in on weekdays for whatever reason. 
  • NO ROLLOVER. Meaning you can't do two games one week, then take the next week off. Be honest with yourself here. You'll be glad you did. 
  • This challenge will end on Sunday September 29th, the last regular season game (you must log your results by that night at 11:59pm ET). If the Mets make the playoffs this year, we'll either be at the games, or locked in to them on a couch or a barstool somewhere. 

Come up with your own strategy! Walk the whole game. Run the whole game. Walk an inning, run an inning. Run during the innings, walk during commercials. However you want to get the steps in is totally up to you. Doing this as a challenge with other Mets fans just helps keep us all accountable! 

The fee to sign up is $25 and that covers the t-shirt and the shipping to your house after the season. It'll be a nice wicking material with a front and back print.


P.S.  If anyone is down, we can pick a home game one day and walk laps the whole time around the field level at Citi. Just sign up and we'll figure that out later. 

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