The 7 Line Army 2018 schedule

The 7 Line Army 2018 schedule

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SPRING TRAINING: Saturday February 24th vs the Cardinals in Port Saint Lucie. We have 1,000 tickets and less than 80 are left HERE.

Thursday March 29th vs the Cardinals at Citi Field. OPENING DAY! SOLD OUT!

ROAD GAME: Saturday April 7th in DC. As usual there will be an optional round trip bus ride from Citi Field. Tickets go up on 1/19 at noon sharp HERE.

Saturday April 14th vs the Brewers at Citi Field. Fireworks night! Tickets up now on! Just a handful left!

ROAD GAME: Saturday April 21st in Atlanta. Tickets go up on 1/26 at noon sharp HERE.

Saturday May 5th vs the Rockies at Citi Field. Yoenis Cespedes garden gnome day. 

Tuesday May 15th vs the Blue Jays at Citi Field.

Saturday June 2nd vs the Cubs at Citi Field.

Saturday June 9th vs the Yankees at Citi Field. SUBWAY SERIES and fireworks night.

ROAD GAME: Saturday June 16th in Arizona. Seats secured! On sale date announcement soon. 

ROAD GAME: Wednesday July 4th in Toronto, and our first trip beyond the boarder! Seats secured! On sale date announcement soon.

Saturday July 14th vs the Nationals at Citi Field. Our final outing before the All Star break. 

ROAD GAME (tentative): Saturday July 21st in the Bronx. Deposit not paid. Waiting for available inventory notice from the Yankees.

Tuesday July 24th vs the Padres at Citi Field. 

Tuesday August 7th vs the Reds at Citi Field.

ROAD GAME: Saturday August 11th in Miami. Deposit paid with the Marlins, but seats have not been secured yet. Also sit tight on this one. We're going, but don't have the full details yet. We'll keep ya posted.

Saturday August 25th vs the Nationals at Citi Field.

Saturday September 8th vs the Phillies at Citi Field. Winter hat giveaway night.

ROAD GAME: Saturday September 15th in Boston. This is the big one, folks! At over 1,600 tickets, this one will be our largest outing yet. Seats secured! There will be an optional round trip bus ride from Citi Field. Thanks to the Red Sox for also blocking off 200 rooms for us at a nearby hotel. On sale date announcement soon. 

Sunday September 30th vs the Marlins at Citi Field. The final regular season home game.

  • Opening Day and the final regular season home game.
  • Two games against the Nationals. Always extra juice behind these series.
  • (2) Fireworks nights. 4/14 and 6/9. 
  • Yoenis Cespedes garden gnome day on 5/5.
  • Winer hat giveaway on 9/8.
  • Our first ever outing versus the Blue Jays. We'll then visit them in July.
  • One Subway Series game instead of two. This helped bring the package cost down for our home season ticket members.
  • Two games per month.
  • Only two games land on back-to-back weeks. 

How can I join you for a home game? The Big Apple Reserve (sections 140, 141 and 142) holds 859 fans, and we have 317 open seats for each game. The rest are taken by our season ticket members. Each home game will be sold on on a game by game basis. 

Did the home season ticket holders get a new jersey for 2018? Yes! Each year we design a new jersey for our members, and they have the option to personalize with their name and number.

Are you selling a replica of the season ticket holders jersey? Yes, and they are available NOW while supplies last. This is one time thing and a limited edition run. If you want one, we have sizes S-4XL available for purchase HERE. If you'd like to match our home season members, this jersey is the closest thing to it.

What will the game by game members get with their home ticket in 2018?  We designed a button up shirsey for the year that will be included with the ticket purchase. So, what's a shirsey? Typically it's a name/number t-shirt, but in this case it's a screenprinted button up shirt. No, it's not an actual jersey, but still really freakin' cool looking. If you grabbed the blue Jacob deGrom "free shirt friday" last year at the ballpark, this is very similar to that. No, these won't be sold separately. S-4XL will be available per game.

Are you still tailgating before the game? 100%! One of the best parts about the crew is the community, and that starts in the parking lot. It may seem intimidating to meet new people, but dive right in!


April 7th in DC. An annual trip for us. Always fun to cheer on our boys in a division rivals house.

April 21st in ATL. Repeat trip to Atlanta (2015), but worth it for the new ballpark and NL East rivalry. Will be our 17th ballpark.

June 16th in ARI. First trip to Arizona. Will be our 18th ballpark invasion.

July 4th in TOR. First trip to Canada and our 19th ballpark on Independence Day. Toronto is a fun city and we'll have lots to do besides the game.

July 21st in BX. Took the year off in '17 from the "Bronx Invasion", but we told the Yankees we're down to come back if they can find wide open sections for us. We'll see.

August 11th in MIA. Another repeat trip (2014), but the state is filled with Mets fans and T7LA has grown tremendously since our last visit. Always plenty of seating in field level sections for a fair price. Three years ago we hit the game with 400 fans, and I think we'd easily need 1,500 minimum tickets this go around. 

September 15th in BOS. It's been years since the Mets have visited Boston. T7L didn't even exist the last time it happened. The ballpark is legendary and the town is a blast. This will be the biggest outing we've ever had. Sox fans are going to be shocked. 

What do you get with an away game ticket? We toss in a special event t-shirt and like last year, we're continuing the away game patch. These are intended to be applied to your 2018 jersey (if you have one), or anywhere you'd like. 

When do away game tickets typically go up for sale? In the past we sell about 2-3 months before the game. Expect the same in 2018. Join our mailing list and you'll never miss an on sale date.

Do you plan any meet ups during the road games? Absolutely. We always have something planned for before the game and occasionally the night before. A letter is included in your package that gives a heads up.

Are fans responsible for booking their own travel/hotels? Yes. Everyone is on a different budget, so we just handle the game portion. Some fans like to ball out, while others hit a hostel. Totally your call.

Thank you for the continued support over the years. This whole thing is a team effort, and we can't thank you enough for putting as much time, love, and passion in to the group as we do.

If you're looking to join us, we can't wait to meet ya. It may seem intimidating to join a group of fans who have years of friendship, but simply say hello, put yourself out there, and jump right in. For some, it's life changing.

We love seeing the relationships form and grow simply because we all love a baseball team. LGM 2018! 

The 7 Line
The 7 Line


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