The 7 Line Army 2018 schedule

The 7 Line Army 2018 schedule

by Darren Meenan October 26, 2017 0 Comments

Here we go, folks! I present to you The 7 Line Army's 2018 schedule.

The home games (green) are locked up with the Mets. Don't go booking rooms and flights for the road games (pink) just yet. 

During our final tailgate party of the year, we handed out 75 sheets and asked fans to circle dates they'd wish to hit in 2018. Of course not everyone in the group filled one out, but this was a good way to help us gauge interest instead of just picking the dates on our own. After tallying them up, the results were a landslide.

What we have here is a pretty well-rounded schedule that'll work great with our planned road-trips.


  • Obviously Opening Day and the final home game.
  • Two games against the Nationals. Always extra juice behind these series.
  • (2) Fireworks nights. 4/14 and 6/9. 
  • Yoenis Cespedes garden gnome day on 5/5.
  • Winer hat giveaway on 9/8.
  • Our first ever outing versus the Blue Jays. We'll then visit them in July.
  • One Subway Series game instead of two. Helps bring the package cost down.
  • Twelve (12) total home games instead of 14.
  • Two games per month to space things out better.
  • Only two games land on back-to-back weeks. 
  • No more thundersticks. They lost their appeal over the years, and not as many fans were using them. Eliminating them brings the cost per ticket down. Why charge you for something you're not using? We may sell separately for those fans who grew to love them.
  • Some good news for our season ticket members: The 12-game package will be much cheaper than last year. 

If you're a fan looking to join us for the year, like last season, we'll be holding a lottery to fill any seats that open up. Keep your eyes pealed for that soon! Good luck!

What about the single game option? That'll still fly in 2018. We'll fill up to 552 season ticket members (like last season), and the rest of the seats will go up on a first come, first serve basis. The Big Apple Reserve holds 859 fans, so that leaves 307 open to the public sale. 

Are season ticket holders getting a new jersey for 2018? Yes, we're working on designs with Majestic, and they look really great so far. We'll post when ready to show off.

What will the game by game members get with the ticket in 2018? Last year, the ticket came with a pin, towel, and thundersticks. For 2018, I'm pretty sure we're going back to the 2016 model and including a shirt instead. 

When will road trips go on sale? Still waiting to lock up the tickets. Dates have been scheduled and deposits have been placed, but I don't see us starting to sell until the new year. Sit tight.

Thanks for your continued support over the years. This whole thing is a team effort, and I can't thank you enough for putting as much time, love, and passion in to the group as I do. If you're looking to join us, I can't wait to meet ya. It may seem intimidating to join a group of fans who have years of friendship, but simply say hello, put yourself out there, and jump right in. For some, it's life changing. I love seeing the relationships form and grow simply because we all love a baseball team. LGM 2018! 

First things first! Join us for Spring Training on February 23rd!

Tickets go up December 8th!

Darren Meenan
Darren Meenan


T7L Founder / Owner - Follow Darren on Twitter

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