The Five New Foods I Want To Try At Citi Field in 2021

The Five New Foods I Want To Try At Citi Field in 2021

by Nick Giacone November 23, 2020 0 Comments

Right before the start of each Mets season, Citi Field hosts one of its premiere events for the NYC media. The highly anticipated ‘New for Citi Field’ event showcases the latest corporate partnerships, promotional events, and then caps it off with everyone’s favorite part: the new eats that will be available at the stadium!

It’s become tradition over the last couple of years for Darren, myself, and a few others from the The7Line crew to go and stuff our faces with Citi Field’s latest culinary contributions. We’ve tackled meatball subs, chowed down on rice balls, and sampled pizza cupcakes just to name a few of the memorable meals. We even ran into Nas.

In a series of many unfortunate changes and cancellations, Citi Field was unable to host it’s ‘What’s New’ event this year, and we were unable to get our stadium grub on. But alas, some hope looms around the corner!

In my anticipation to get back in the ballpark I stumbled upon the Citi Field Dining Guide. Not sure if this is breaking news, but 5 new mouth watering food options were somehow added under my nose. New food for 2020 now becomes new food for 2021! 

Dave Pasternack’s Lobster Shack - Section 105

Previously behind Citi Field’s ‘Catch of the Day’, Seafood Chef Dave Pasternack continues with his own Lobster Shack that offers New England-style dishes that feature the world’s most delicious crustacean. Among the menu will be the New England Lobster Roll, Loaded Cape Cod Chips, Lobster Grilled Cheese, and Lobster Bisque. Now, lobster bisque at a ball game seems ludicrous, but after about three bowls of this creamy crustacean concoction and I’ll be peacefully napping in the away team dugout. 

Emma’s Torch - Promenade Level

Now this is cool. Emma’s Torch offers culinary training to refugee students who will be the ones preparing and serving these meals to the fans at Citi Field. The Menu boasts a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a Black-Eyd Pea Hummus Wrap, and Tamarind Barbecue Wings. I’ll be sure to try all three multiple times this coming season, not only to pig out, but to also support a great initiative!

Murray’s Mac & Cheese - Promenade Level

Time for some comfort food! Murray’s Mac & Cheese is branching out from its Bleecker Street location and blessing the stadium seats of Citi Field. Their menu will boast The Murray’s Melt, The Mets Melt (a Citi Field exclusive), The Classic Mac, and The Buffalo Mac. This gooey grouping promises a full day of cheese for the Flushing Faithful, who may forget that there’s a ballgame going on.

Pig Beach - Promenade Level

If the food here is anything like the cuisine offered at its Brooklyn location, fans are in for a fantastic feast. Pig Beach is bringing its smoked meat expertise to Citi Field, offering their award-winning “People’s Champion Burger”, Pulled Pork Sandwich, and “Bases Loaded” Fries. A day at the ballpark with all three of those dishes ensures a nine-inning session of the meat sweats. Bring it on!

Tipsy Scoop - Promenade Level

Well, well, if it isn’t liquor-infused ice cream. Tipsy Scoop offers two of our favorite stadium provisions combined into one. Their menu consists of Vanilla Bean Bourbon Ice Cream, Strawberry White Sangria, and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel Ice Cream. So many questions loom: Will they sell it past the 7th inning? Can I stack all three into one Sundae? How many scoops will it take to get my buzz on? Guess we’ll have to find out first-hand.

These are just a few of the new delights that we’ll all hopefully be trying soon at the stadium in 2021. We miss it all - the baseball, the food, and cheering on the Mets with our favorite people. See you soon and Let’s Go Mets!

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