DECAL: Home Run Hat

(1) 2 x 1 inch Home Run hat (perfect addition to your favorite laptop) 

(1) .75 x .75 T7L logo 

Order more than one to save on shipping charges! One or three decals ship for the same price, and at the same time gives you a price break.

1 for $4, 2 for $7, 3 for $9.75

Note: If you apply this decal to one of the MacBook Pros from 2015 or earlier, the strength of the glowing apple will slightly show through the decal. If you'd like to achieve a more solid look, you can block out the bottom of your Apple logo (with something like electrical tape for instance), and then cover it with our decal. As a reminder, MacBook's from 2016-present do not glow. 

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