Mets x The 7 Line Army x MLB London Series | T-shirt


We've been waiting years for MLB to select the Mets for this epic series across the pond.

Are you hitting the game? Due to legal reasons having to do with our MLB license, for the first time ever, we weren't able to automatically add the event shirt to the ticket purchase. 

If you want one, and you're not sitting with us, you're still more than welcome to purchase.

This is a special event one time release. This will not be a shirt we keep in our rotation. If you want one ORDER IT NOW. 

- Mets across the chest. Nice and bold to represent our team. 

- The bottom pattern is straight from the MLB London Series style guide. It's a little busy looking, but so are we. We wanted this shirt to have a straight connection to the game, and you'll be sure to see that pattern on other London Series visuals. 

- Mainly orange. This has become T7LA's base color. We only switch on the road when the home team also wears orange (or red). 

- T7LA on the left sleeve. Obviously. 

- Official MLB London series logo on the other sleeve. 

- UK flag high on the back between the shoulder blades.

- Mets x T7L locker room style tag on the front hip. 

Unfortunately, also due to our MLB license, we are not able to sell this shirt internationally. We know there are many many Mets fans hitting this series that do not live in the States, but we aren't allowed to sell anything outside of our jurisdiction. If you live elsewhere and you want one, you'll need to go through the extra steps of having someone over here purchase for you. We're sorry. We know that's a pain, but we can't mess around with MLB. 

We normally limit our event shirts to just fans sitting in our section, but since our pre-sale was months ago (and it was only up for a couple days), a lot of fans did miss out. If you want to grab seats near us on your own, we'll be in 210-217. 

Available in S-4XL while supplies last!

This is a pre-sale! This shirt will ship around the middle of May. If you order other products along with this shirt, it will ship together. 

Licensed by MLB

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