MLB The Show!

This is so insane. The 7 Line Army has been added to Citi Field for this years game. Drops 3/28 for Playstation.

Thanks to all the fans who kept suggesting it to the game developers on Twitter. They pride themselves in being as real as possible, so adding us to the center field seats just kinda made sense. 

Not sure if they added any of the chants, commentator dialog or K cards in there..... but no matter what the involvement is, it's damn awesome. Fans not in the know will be thinking "why is every fan in center field rocking orange?" and that's freakin' incredible. Someone has to update our wikipedia

Would be cool for '18 if random orange sections pop up for road games too. For continuity points of course.

LGM 2017! 

Ep 8: Orange and Blue Thing

Almost two months in now to our weekly podcast / live FB show "Orange and Blue Thing". The 7 Line founder Darren Meenan and Brian Erni co-host the show and it starts each Thursday at 6pm live on our Facebook page. 

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If you're on Facebook, set a reminder and join us each Thursday night at 6pm. The guys drink some beers and chat about different Mets stuff that you might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what they talk about.

Here's our latest episode. Give it a watch, like it if you do and share with your friends. We have some great guests lined up for the season. We're just getting started. LGM! 

May 9th with T7LA

Just a heads up. Our next available home game with T7LA at Citi Field is going up on Tuesday 1/31 at NOON on

This is a value game on our schedule and one of the cheapest games of the year with us. 1 or 162 all count the same in the standings and no matter the day of the week our section is bumpin'. Come on out an experience it if you haven't already!

We've had many requests to up the # of tickets allowed per transaction, so we're going to give it a shot on this one. Since this is a Tuesday night and not as sought after as the weekend games, you'll have a better chance to get in with your family/friends.

Limit per transaction will be 4 tickets max and they're $38 each. That gets you the ticket to the game, special event rally towel and 2017 T7LA pin. 

Set an alarm for 1/31 at noon and be ready to purchase on 

Episode 4: Orange and Blue Thing

"Orange and Blue Thing" episode 4 LIVE. Fun time hanging and talking about Mets stuff week after week. The guys dive in on their follows/tweets/clip of the week. Kevin James rocking T7L, "Bring your kiddies", "The Mets are moving?" and more. Give em a watch/listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends.

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April 22nd with T7LA

As you'd expect the Opening Day seats flew!

Friday 1/20 at 10am will be your next chance to secure a spot to sit with us at Citi Field in 2017. Just over 300 tickets for the Saturday April 22nd game will be going up on a first come first serve basis.

The game is a 4:10pm start against the Nationals and it's also Matt Harvey Garden Gnome giveaway day. They're just $55 each for the package and we'll be tailgating prior to the game.

Should be a fun one! The first Saturday game of the season against our beloved NL East rivals. Set an alarm and tell your friends. LGM!

$55 gets you:

Ticket in the Big Apple Reserve with The 7 Line Army

T7LA 2017 collectors pin

T7LA special event rally towel

T7LA thunder sticks

2017 T7LA COOL BASE REPLICA JERSEY SOLD SEPARATELY. Pick one up if you'd like to match the rest of the crew. Not mandatory, but encouraged. If not, totally cool, just wear orange please. Purchase here.