April 22nd with T7LA

As you'd expect the Opening Day seats flew!

Friday 1/20 at 10am will be your next chance to secure a spot to sit with us at Citi Field in 2017. Just over 300 tickets for the Saturday April 22nd game will be going up on a first come first serve basis.

The game is a 4:10pm start against the Nationals and it's also Matt Harvey Garden Gnome giveaway day. They're just $55 each for the package and we'll be tailgating prior to the game.

Should be a fun one! The first Saturday game of the season against our beloved NL East rivals. Set an alarm and tell your friends. LGM!

$55 gets you:

Ticket in the Big Apple Reserve with The 7 Line Army

T7LA 2017 collectors pin

T7LA special event rally towel

T7LA thunder sticks

2017 T7LA COOL BASE REPLICA JERSEY SOLD SEPARATELY. Pick one up if you'd like to match the rest of the crew. Not mandatory, but encouraged. If not, totally cool, just wear orange please. Purchase here.


Episode 2: Orange & Blue Thing

Episode 2 in the books, and it was a fun one! The guys dive in on the Mr. Met vs Thor twitter feud, pick their tweet/follows of the week and more. We stepped up our set and video production with hopes episodes get a little bit better each week.

Give a listen on Soundcloud... like, subscribe, share... here:

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Happy New Year!

Another fun year with The 7 Line Army. Can't wait to get the new season started with all you animals. Thanks for helping make memories that'll last a lifetime! Mets fans really do have more fun!

Orange And Blue Thing

We tossed our caps in the podcast ring tonight with the first ever episode of "Orange And Blue Thing". Darren Meenan (@darrenjmeenan) and Brian Erni (@brianerni) on the mics with Keith Blacknick aka @Mediagoon running behind the scenes.

An "Orange And Blue Thing" is basically stuff you just know because you're a Mets fan. That's what we're gonna talk about. Once the season gets rolling we'll have more content, but we wanted to get started now while we have the down time between Christmas and New Years. Expect guests and more in 2017. 

Overall, pretty good first crack. Give it a watch/listen and let us know what you think. 

Follow the account on Twitter (@orangebluething) and watch live on Facebook ( Episode 2 details to follow. 


Game by game tickets

We're working hard over here to roll out our 2017 T7LA game tickets! 

First up will be Opening Day, and that'll be available in about 2 weeks. Ticket price is not set in stone just yet, but we're looking at right around $120 for face value. Join our mailing list and you'll be kept in the loop about sale date/time/price.

What do you get for that $? 

- A seat in the Big Apple Reserve at Citi Field with T7LA 

- Special event rally towel

- T7LA 2017 collectors pin

- T7LA thunder sticks

- An experience unlike anything in baseball 


Wait... no t-shirt for home games?

No, not this year. In 2016 we started up our "season ticket" home package and those members were given an authentic custom jersey made by Majestic. The game-by-game members were given a similar t-shirt. If you hit more than one game, you got the same t-shirt numerous times. It was a waste of $ for the fans. This makes the package cheaper while also giving you something exclusive.

 So, what should you wear?

Last year we didn't make a replica version of our members authentic jerseys to sell separately, and fans were going bonkers over them. So, we decided to do away with the t-shirts for home games and offer the jersey as a replica style. We hope you'll want to pick one up and wear it if you're planning to sit with us. They're available NOW as a pre-sale and we are only making them ONCE. The pre-sale will be up until January 6th so we can gauge interest and figure out how much fabric to produce. These are all completely custom and made just for us by Majestic. Very cool and available in S-4XL for $129.99.  Pick one up HERE. 

Do we still get a special t-shirt for the away games?

Yes! The away games will always come with a special event t-shirt. The core group of us travel to all of the away games, but many of you might be cheering with us for the very first time. The away games are a different beast since most of them we only hit once. The shirt ends up being a badge of honor. This year the away tickets are coming with special patches. So, if you do end up getting the jersey, you can sew the patch on. Nice new touch for 2017.