Support Harvey Day!

Wow. Just WOW. On Friday evening we had a pretty far fetched idea... "Let's hit up Nationals Park to support Harvey's next start". We contacted the Nationals, secured a charter bus and spread the idea on social media. Late Saturday night after the game the Mets officially announced that Matt Harvey would pitch on Tuesday. We immediately got cracking and the idea came to life. In under 24 hours FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE of you made the commitment to go cheer on our Mets down in DC.

We are truly honored to be a part of this fan base with you all. The loyalty, dedication and support you show to our team is incredible. This outing might be our proudest moment yet as a group. We just have the ideas, YOU all put the wheels in motion. 

If you'd like to meet up for the pregame party. We'll be at The Fairgrounds. It's an open space bar just outside the center field entrance. We'll be there until around 6:15 before heading in to the seats. 

Let's rock DC on Tuesday night... not only for Harvey, but for our defending National League Champion New York Mets! LGM! 


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