Milwaukee photos!

We just returned to New York after a wild weekend in Milwaukee. Our outing was Saturday and although the game outcome was a loss, we had a great time cheering with you all. The Mets ended up with a 2-2 split of the series.

T7LA had 900 tickets to the game and we'd guess at least 600 of you showed up to Kelly's Bleachers beforehand. The bar worked out a police escort for our "parade" and the cops blocked off the roads so we could march to the ballpark. Was pretty rad to see motorcycle cops with lights blaring directing us through the streets. 

The game itself was brutal. The score, 90+ degree heat and not an ounce of shade or breeze. We cheered the best we could until the last out, but came up short. High fives all around to you guys. No other fan base in the history of baseball is pulling off trips like this. This group is a family and you're all the pulse of it! 

Hope you all returned home safe and sound. Our next outing is this Saturday at Citi Field. See you early for the tailgate party in the "Southfield" MTA lot. LGM! 


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