What a day!

Reyes is the man! I can't disclose how I was able to get this photograph of Reyes and I signed but it made my day. I headed out to yesterdays game earlier than any other game of my 30 year fan career. First pitch was scheduled for 12:10pm and I was out the door by 9. After a quick stop at Staples for a silver marker (which came in handy!) I did the daily pit stop at Dunkin for a medium iced coffee then it was off to the ballpark. I found out that the majority of the players would have been to the stadium by 8:30ish so by the time I got there I missed both Reyes and Dickey. It was my goal to get the photograph signed by Reyes and to give Dickey one of our Even Lesbians Love Dickey shirts. I also brought an extra with me incase he would have been nice enough to sign it. I yelled over to one of the clubhouse guys as they were packing up a uhaul truck with all the teams luggage for the roadtrip after the game. He looked at the shirt, laughed and said he would hand deliever it to Dickey himself. If you remember from our Facebook/Twitter posts Dickey signed a shirt for one of our fans while in Detroit and he said wanted one. Fast forward to today... I got an email from one of the producers at Mets Weekly saying that REYES was wearing the Even Lesbians Love Dickey shirt in the Mets Clubhouse before the game! Either Dickey gave it to Jose or let him borrow it.... whatever the case may be it's freakin awesome. They are two of my favorite Mets and even though I didn't get to see it I am sure they were having a laugh over it. Dickey, if you are reading this or if anyone knows how to get in contact with him tell him that I'd love to get one of those shirts signed to frame in my apartment. Both of yesterdays goals were reached and although the Mets lost I had a great time sweating my ass off in Flushing. Also a special thanks goes out to Nick aka Jack Walsh for hooking me up with the photo. I owe ya one man!

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