Tomorrow Night. Citi Field. Shea Bridge.  7pm. Some solid points about our SS:
  • He is currently hurt
  • He is injury prone
  • He is up for a new contract
  • He was the best player in baseball before the A.S.B.
  • The fans love him
If you are against resigning Reyes who would you rather be the full timer? Tejada? He may turn into something great but I can't picture Tejada being a solid factor in a playoff team. We NEED Jose in our lineup. The Mets HAVE to make him an offer and hopefully he'll take it. The facts have shown that when Jose plays, we win. Lets pray for healthy seasons and keep him a Met for life. Meet us at McFaddens tomorrow night at 6pm. We'll pregame with some drink specials that they set up just for our group. I'll have the last of the PLEASE STAY JOSE shirts with me so don't worry if you didn't grab one on the webstore when they were available. Make a sign and cheer for our future. Jose won't be in the lineup but ownership is listening.

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