Tonight at Citi Field! The PLEASE STAY JOSE RALLY! We are meeting up at 6pm inside McFaddens for an adult beverage power hour then heading up to the Shea Bridge for the whole game. If you made a sign, bring it. If you didn't, come anyway for a great time with other fans like yourself! Jose isn't playing but we're having a party on the Shea Bridge. MY ONLY REQUEST. PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN PATH FOR FANS TRYING TO CROSS. BE RESPECTFUL! THANK YOU!   Watch this video and picture it being multiplied by a hundred + fans. That is the goal of the Citi Field Shea Hooligan crew and outings like this can only help their vision to get a supporters section at Citi Field. Think of it as a spot where we can all sit together, having a good time without bothering other fans who like to sit on their hands. "Coach" of the crew altered the lyrics for tonight.. study it, learn it and meet us tonight!     LEARN THIS! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Teaaaaches us to speak Spanish Re-yes! Re-yes! He's faster than a lightening bolt Re-yes! Re-yes! He rules-the-base like Mao-Ze-Dong He listens-to the Regea-ton PLEASE STAY JO-SE FASTEST MAN ALIVE!! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA REYES! REYES! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA REYES! REYES! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA .. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NAAAAHH!! PLEASE STAY JO-SE! FASTEST MAN ALIVE! #CFSHchants follow on Twitter @CitiFSHooligans

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