Citi Field: The storm is coming!

The Mets are taking this hurricane VERY serious. I took this photo about an hour ago outside McFaddens. They have the perimeter of the building barricaded with these flood gates. Luckily they left an opening to get into the bar, which will be closed off after the game tonight. I asked around and was told that the Mets had to have these at the stadium when it was being built in order to get a certain insurance policy. A whole room in the stadium is dedicated to store them. They have to be prepared for the "100 year storm" that comes through Willets Point and completely floods the neighborhood. If you've never been to Citi this corner of the building is closest to the bay. In the event of a flood this is below the water line meaning the water would rush in their direction. I overheard some workers talking. A lady walking by asked "do you think this will hold if the water is to the top?"... answer: "I doubt it." We'll see I guess. Better safe than sorry.

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