R.A. Dickey partners up with The 7 Line!

I've known about this possible partnership with R.A. Dickey for a couple weeks now but didn't want to let the cat out of the bag until we could plan a formal meeting. Obviously his schedule is crazy but we were able to link up this morning at Citi Field. R.A.'s agent Bo McKinnis emailed saying that they would like to give The 7 Line permission to use R.A.'s name and likeliness. At first I thought it was a joke since I've never heard of a professional athlete reaching out to a fan based brand to publicly back them. R.A. stepped up for me and that speaks volumes. "R.A. is actually a fan of your shirts, so I wanted to discuss with you a possible working relationship between R.A. and your company" If you didn't know, we've been producing the "Even Lesbians Love Dickey" shirts since the beginning of this season and just recently designed this new "Darth Dickey" shirt after seeing his visit to the MLB Fan Cave. R.A. is a self proclaimed "Star Wars Nerd" as stated in his Twitter bio and I figured this would be an appropriate shirt to release with the news of us teaming up. Get yours HERE. From now on a portion of each Dickey shirt sold will go towards the Kilimanjaro Outreach charity. Here is an excerpt from the New York Times article about his plan to climb the Mountain this off season: "The charity Dickey has chosen to promote and donate to is the Red Light District Outreach Mumbai, which is part of the Bombay Teen Challenge. It is an organization that rescues girls from enslavement in the sex trade and fights human trafficking. Dickey and his wife, Anne, have been involved with a similar organization, the International Justice Mission, and they felt the Red Light District Outreach Mumbai would be the best recipient." You can read that full story HERE. I can't express how awesome this is for me. The brand has really taken off this season and I can't thank the fans enough for their support. You guys are awesome. LGM!

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