The 7 Line QR Code tag

I whipped up a QR code for The 7 Line a few months ago but never found a use for it, until now. Every guest of our Suite Party this Saturday will get one of these for free. I wanted to give the guests something exclusive and special for shelling out hundreds of dollars to see a sub .500 team this late in the season. Not many people know what they are but lately I've seen them popping up on billboards, magazine ads and on packaging products. I haven't noticed any on t-shirts yet so I decided to give it a whirl. I wasn't 100% confident that it would work unless the garment/ink combo was black/white, but to my surprise it worked with a variety of different color combos. They are used as a tool to generate more traffic to whatever you are trying to promote. You can get a code for anything from your cell phone number, email address, twitter account or website. To scan the code you need a smart phone. The iPhone for instance has a quite a few free apps you can download. Once you have the app you simply scan the code and it brings you to anywhere it's directed. It even worked when you scan the photo.... if you have a smart phone try scanning the above photo. Amazingly, it works too. Just another thing that blows my mind with constant growth of technology.

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