I met Gordon Donovan earlier in the season during the first "Don't Trade Reyes" rally on the Shea Bridge. Lots has happened since that night and Gordon has been nice enough to send over a variety of shots that he's taken of me and a few of my signs throughout the season. I love this photo. The fans came out in droves and we had a great time cheering on the player we've all grown to love over the years. Now with the last week of baseball upon us we may be watching Jose's last days as a Met. Fingers crossed he'll be back. Think what you want about my tactics or "negative" signs but one thing you can't deny is that they have grabbed attention of the fan base, media, players and ownership. I spoke to a player off the record recently, and he said that he and some of his teammates "loved" the MRI sign earlier this season. They even went as far to point it out to Ray Ramirez (head athletic trainer) every time I stood up with it. "We got a crack out of that one!" Not sure if Gordan has a shot of that sign, but you can type: leading the league in MRIs in Google and plenty of links will pop up. This one was more recent. I didn't know anyone got a shot of it but Gordon must have broke out the long lens when I wasn't looking. This was the night the Einhorn deal fell through. Clearly Cuban isn't buying the Mets but it was a joke that most people got. Thanks for everything Gordon! I recommend you guys check out his website. Great shots to keep your eyes busy. Seeya at Citi!

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