I traded a handful of shirts for these tickets and I am giving them away to you guys FOR FREE. Shockingly people were bitching on our Facebook page that the tickets are in the 500 section... Do you really need to be closer to the action? We aren't watching a playoff race on the field and the season is less than a week before the tarp goes on until April. Enjoy a night at the park instead of on your couch. If you've been to Citi you know that the 500 sections are not bad seats at all. You aren't giving shout outs to Jose and getting autographs before the game, but the view is excellent. I've sat with the 516 crew (not sure what they are going by now after their family friendly overhaul) and their seats behind home plate give you a great vantage point. Also, Citi Field was designed so the Promenade section is a full tier lower than the Upper Deck at Shea. Lastly to make one more comparison, I'd rather sit in almost any 500 section than in the Pepsi Porch (unless you are in the front row). The porch overhangs the Mo Zone and you miss all the action that goes on in left field. At this point it's not where you sit, it's who you're with and I'll gladly give away tickets to make some other people happy. Not everyone has the luxury of going to the amount of games that some of us do. A free game seems like a fun way to end this season. HOW DO YOU GET A TICKET? There's no catch. Meet up with me in McFaddens before the game on Tuesday night. I will be there around 5pm and will have 50 tickets on me. Just show up and grab one. One per person and first come first serve. If you own a shirt from The 7 Line try to wear it that night. I'd like to get a big group shot. If not, just show up and enjoy the game.

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