Suite Party recap

What a day! Great weather, stellar pitching from R.A. Dickey, a couple surprise visits and an all around good time with friends old and new. When I reserved this suite earlier in the season I thought for sure I'd have no problem getting rid of 45 tickets. Unfortunately... the team took a dive, playoff hopes were over and the only ones still shelling out money for days at the ball park are the die hards or tourists. The $210 price is steep but ask anyone who went yesterday, it was worth it! Lizy on the left, My mom Carolyn and The 7 Line's first lady Kelly pose for a shot before the game.  R.A. was originally going to stop by before the game, but since his start got pushed back from Friday to our game (due to the rain out) obviously that plan was nixed. He had a no hitter going into the 7th and we all had hoped that the streak would finally be over for the Mets. Imagine the luck we'd have? R.A.'s start gets pushed back to our game and he throws a no hitter? Those ticket stubs would be framed in a heart beat! Unfortunately, Shane Victorino hit a double and the Phillies quickly got on the board 1-0. The Mets were able to fight back for the win, but R.A. got the no decision after another great outing. The Mets bats are just not working for him. I feel like since Santana is out Dickey gets the same run support, NONE. I was able to pull a few strings to get Mr. Met to stop by for some photos and everyone in the suite was loving it. I also bothered Burkhardt for a couple days via Twitter to come say what's up and even though he was under the weather he came in for a bit as well. Thanks for stopping by Kevin! I know you were being sarcastic with that "dude, I get it" tweet but you told me to remind you so I had to be persistent! KB gets a quick interview by Phillip Hall for our own version of the Pix 11 broadcast. As you can see in the background of this photo. The WIN OR LOSE, WE STILL BOOZE sign was not displayed over our railing as I originally planned. I blame myself for putting it out there too early. I hung it over the railing around 11:45 am to the disappointment of the Citi Field security staff. When I was in this suite on the 4th of July weekend I hung my DON'T TRADE REYES sign for the whole game but that one was more "family friendly". If I waited until the game started it may gave gone unnoticed. After a visit from Mr. Kasdon,  the Citi Field VP of Security, I agreed that the sign might not be cohesive as the message the Mets are trying to portray. My point was that this late in the season the open bar was a sales point to most of the people in my party. I figured after shelling out thousands of dollars on the suite they would have been a little more lenient but I understood the argument on this one. He was extremely nice and although I wanted to display it I was happy to oblige. Alcohol compliance also made a visit to the suite by around 12:30 when they were informed that we were already getting a new keg tapped before the game even started haha. The 45 of us put a serious dent in the Aramark liquor cabinet and I'd like to send a huge thank you to our bartender Danielle for being on top of her game. The booze gets cut off after the 7th inning and she did a great job keeping up with the bombardment of drink orders. Walking my girls back to the train. Kelly, myself and Mom. Ticket to the game, open bar, food, the chance to win signed raffle prize merch from Met players, meeting Mr.Met and Kevin Burkhardt, everyone received a gift certificate to Strawberry's, tax/service charges/gratuity, special limited edition Mr. Met t-shirt printed exclusively for our guest and a METS WIN! It was a great day at the ballpark. Thank you to everyone who came. I expect next year to sell out fast! If you get the chance to attend a game from a suite I highly recommend it. Pretty sure all who attended yesterday already RSVP'ed.

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