Boomer and Carton: I'm With Stupid, Mets Fan For Mets

After Carton wore our custom "He's my best friend" shirt, Boomer asked for a special one of his own. We talked at their Babes and Baseball event at Citi and he decided on an "I'm with stupid" version. I whipped it up and decided to throw METS FAN FOR METS on the back in retaliation over Cartons stupid METS FANS FOR YANKEEEEES! rant he goes on from time to time. I understand their conflicting personalities on some topics is good for the show, but the majority of Met fans think Carton is a tool box. I for one think it's really just a joke, but not everyone is as passive I guess. If they were cookie cutter versions of each other the show wouldn't be as entertaining. Someone has to be the bad guy I guess and Carton embraces it. Boomer is the real die hard Mets fan in that relationship. LGM!

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