Photos: 2000 NL WILD CARD

I shot these photos 11 years ago from the Pepsi Picnic area. If you remember, fans could get in for FREE with a Pepsi can every Wednesday home game. I'm not sure how many were allowed in, but I assume it was at least around 300 per game. At the time I was taking photography classes at Nassau Community College and I'd bring my camera to almost every game. The Mets clinched the 2000 NL Wild Card spot that night and we got to see it for the cost of a Pepsi.

This was before digital photography took over and the excitement was still there to see if you caught the shot you had hoped. Exposure, shutter speed.. it's not brain surgery, but harder than holding down the button half way and letting the camera do the rest. You obviously couldn't check the screen to see if you captured the shot.

I remember getting to school extra early the next day to see what I had. The darkroom was a really fun experience for me. I was never a great student in HS as I really was only interested in learning things I would apply to my life. College was more my speed as you can pick your major and classes. Calculus? No thanks.. bring me to art history, photography 101, film editing and bowling please. Yes, bowling was my gym class. These are my two favorite shots from that night. I miss Shea.

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