Photo Of The Day: 1986 Champs! Rc Cola cans

It's clear I've been slacking on the "Photo Of The Day" for this website. Lots has been going on and what I hoped to update daily has become more like weekly. This past Saturday night after a full day of Calendar shoots I walked into a surprise 31st birthday party at my parents place. I thought I was going to the ballet, yes the ballet (with a stop at my parents house because my mom wanted to see my girlfriends outfit) and quickly realized we had a change of plans when everyone yelled "SURPRISE!". Last year was my 30th, a more customary age for a surprise party, but without naming names... someone dropped the ball. This year my girlfriend (Kelly) and Mom organized the birthday a couple weeks before my birthday (Nov 8th) so I'd have no speculation. Also planning it on a weekend when I had a million other things going on with work kept me oblivious. My buddy JP gave me these two old school 1986 RC Cola cans that were sold after the WS Championship. They are a must have for any collector and I can't thank him enough for giving them to me. He remembered storing them away in his Moms attic years ago and went through the trouble to dig them out for me. Thank you JP, Kelly, my parents, family and friends for celebrating my 30th just one year late haha. CHEERS!

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