Daily News: Please Stay Jose

Daily News ran a story today about Jose and his tough decisions laid out in front of him. As we all know Reyes is a free agent and after tonight's game 7 in STL the bidding war will officially begin. The Mets have a 5 day window for exclusive talks with Reyes but it's apparent that nothing will be accomplished in that time frame. The photo of myself in the article was taken the last day of the season. Seconds after the shutter closed, Reyes bunted to first and pulled himself from the game to help insure he would keep the NL batting title lead (until Braun played that night). Plenty of players have done the same in the past, look it up. At first I was disappointed and unsure as to why or who made that decision. During the post game it became apparent that Jose made the call prior to the first pitch, asking/telling T.C. that if he reached base in the 1st he wanted to sit. 1-1 is better than 1-2... I don't have a problem with that, but the way they should have handled it would have been to at least have him play out the game until his 2nd at bat. With the majority of the fans either not in their seats or running late due to it being a weekday daytime match up, he was out of the game before they even got to see him field a grounder. In my opinion that was wrong, but there's no use re-hashing a story every media outlet already stroked for a good week or two after our season ended. What's done is done. I just hope that wasn't the last time I see him in blue and orange. NOW, we have a waiting game. Will he go? Will he take less money to stay in NY? Does the advice from the "Straw Man" play any part? Will the pleads from Wright help Reyes make a decision? Who the hell knows... I'm sure we'll be reading many stories like the one in today's Daily News. Thanks to writer Andy Martino for including me. The fan base was super supportive of Jose during the season, but I doubt anyone will be as  motivated to Occupy Citi Field to try and get him to sign a deal with the New York Metropolitans. If anyone want's to hold a mini rally, I'm game. NOW WE WAIT... Please Stay JO-SE clap, clap, clap, clap,clap... LGM!

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