CBS New York: The 7 Line / Darren Meenan "superfan"

Got an awesome mention today on the CBS New York website. It's pretty crazy that The 7 Line and Jose Reyes are synonomis when taking about the possibility of a trade during this past season and now the free agency. The "Don't Trade Reyes" movement was huge and I'm happy that I helped give the fans a voice throughout the world. There were signs at every game, home and on the road. Fans in other countries even bought the shirts with no intentions of going to a game. Our common message spread that far and it's because of the die-hards that The 7 Line is even respected in the media. Together we are community of loyal fans and they obviously heard our cheers. Thank you to CBS for mentioning the campaign and acknowledging the fans. Hopefully we (the fans) made enough noise during the season. The little bird on Jose's shoulder is still chirping PLEASE STAY JO-SE in his ear while he is counting those extra zeros on the impending offers.... hopefully he hears it. STAY IN NY!

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