Photo Of The Day: Last Pic At Shea

This is the last photo I took at Shea Stadium. There are a couple things to point out here...

#1 Why the hell did they plan the ceremony for AFTER the game? The Mets had to win in order to force a one game playoff the following day against the Brew Crew. Well, they lost and our season was over. The life was gone from the building and quite a few people left in disgust. The fans would have appreciated it much more if it was BEFORE the game when we were all charged up to see the game. Seaver and Piazza closing the outfield doors was like the top of a casket. If they won it would of been awesome and appreciated. Should have taken the safe bet and done it before. Nice ceremony, terrible planning #2 Somebody should have told buddy down there that the rally hat didn't work. Citi is a fun place to watch a game, but I miss Shea. Looking forward to the Mets getting back in the mix of things, maybe then Citi will feel like home. On a side note.. crazy weather here in the Northeast. Early snow storm and a great time to pick up one of our new beanies. Reasonably priced at $19.86!

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