Photo Of The Day: 2005

This is my buddy Brien Shoemaker and I back in 2005. I believe it was the first week of the season and the Mets were on the road. At the time I was living in Ronkonkoma out on Long Island and I convinced Brien to come watch the game at my apartment. I say "convinced" because at the time Brien hated sports. I prob offered to buy the beer and dressed him in one of my hats and my grandfathers favorite sweatshirt. We met through bmx racing and spent the majority of our lives traveling around the country between ages 14-18 hitting up different nationals and taking home wins. He was #1 in the country in the 15 year old category and I was #4 when I was 16. Pretty cool accomplishments considering how many guys we were up against. Since we were so wrapped up in bike riding I guess he never had interest in following baseball. Luckily I got him over the house and I tried my best to make it fun for him. Gary, Keith and Ron probably helped a bit too. I remember the Mets lost that game but he has since become a die hard and I guess I am partially to blame for bringing him in to this MESS. Stick with it Shoe, they'll win eventually! LGM!

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