Photo Of The Day: BMX at Citi Field

Darren Meenan, April 2009. Zee Soulantzos shot this picture of me and although it's nothing impressive I still love it. I rode my bike to a game hoping that at least one of the new rails they put in at the stadium would be good to ride. The flat ones down 126th street are too soft to grind (steel is the best) and nothing else there is real impressive for a photo. None of the ledges are ride able and the few staircases they have are no more then 3-5 steps. I was hoping that with all the new construction there would be at least something fun for bikers and skaters to enjoy but most new architects these days have hooligans like us in mind while they are drawing up their blueprints. BMX was a huge part of my life from ages 14-24ish. I ran a clothing brand called Manmade which ended up teaching me everything I know about the garment industry. It was pretty much the stepping stone for The 7 Line and taught me the true meaning of a do it yourself operation. Now that I dedicate so much of my time towards this company and the Mets it's cool to have both aspects in the same photo.

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