Mets 51st Anniversary Celebration?

Today was the Mets 50th anniversary celebration press conference at Citi Field.  Although, a fan on our Facebook page (David Moehringer) pointed out that we are on the brink of the 51st. Sure it's fifty calendar years from 1962-2012 but if you're keeping track the upcoming season is actually the 51st in franchise history. Do the math, it's not hard. While I don't believe it's entirely necessary to hold a press conference to unveil a patch or uniform change it was comforting to hear that Ike's ankle is feeling 100% better. I call slight bullshit on that statement, but he claims the injury is behind him and he is ready to go. I do believe he feels he will be "ready to go" by Spring Training, but keep in mind he was a wreck at the end of the season and the surgery word wasn't completely out of the question. If the season was still in session I bet he'd still be out of the lineup. The new patch is looking good, props to whoever designed it. Epic fail to the one responsible for the Domino's looking inaugural season patch though. Photoshop 101 in some random ass elementary school must have held a competition to come up with that one. That thing was HIDEOUS. ___________________________________ EDIT: (8:02pm) Since some of you are saying that anniversaries  go by the year. Check out this 1986 25th anniversary Mets patch. 1962-1986 is actually 24 YEARS but 25 seasons. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?  

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