Photo Of The Day: Left Field Gate

It's surprising to me how many fans still haven't realized the silhouette's behind the gate names at Citi Field. This one, clearly of the Endy Chavez catch is at the Left Field gate. The other gates also have monumental moments caught in time decorating their respective entrances. This gate is most likely the least used entrance due to its inconvenience from the train and McFaddens. If you've ever taken a charter bus to the game this is usually the closest gate to where you're dropped off. I assume the rotunda gate is the busiest and there are other gates and ticket booths that were built and have yet to open. During construction they were built in hopes that this team can eventually sell out every game like the Phils and Sox do. Pipe dreaming. Next time you're at Citi take a stroll around the exterior of park. There are touches like this you may have missed.

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