Buy Buy Reyes

I guess the children are our future. The Mets might field a World Series championship team by the time little Joey here is old enough to legally drink. As you all know Reyes is a goner. I'm actually pretty shocked that some people look to me like I have any kind of answer to this mess. Immediately after the news broke I was bombarded with e-mails, texts, tweets and Facebook posts from fans saying/asking "wheres your stupid shirts now"... The Reyes movement wasn't about t-shirts. It was about Met fans coming together and spreading the word through the rest of the fan base. Signs and shirts popped up at every home and away series from June until the end of the season. I am happy to have been behind a movement that spread that far. Our message was heard, but in the end Reyes is gone. The fan base is strong. It was not a failure. The only failure in this is how Sandy and ownership went about it. Instead of making an offer they chose to let other teams set the bar. To my knowledge the Marlins were the only ones throwing a dollar # out there. The initial buzz a few weeks ago had me thinking there was no way in hell Reyes was going to Florida. I figured it was the Marlins blowing smoke to get some buzz around their team and the new stadium. Well, I was wrong. I personally think 6 years is too long to dedicate towards an injury prone player. I am not one of those fans that wanted him to stay bad enough thinking the Mets should have committed every dime they had to an extensive contract worth that many years. Does that mean I don't want him on the team? Of course not, Jose is clearly one of my favorite players. Boycott Citi Field? That's just dumb. I will still be at Citi cheering on the orange and blue no matter who is wearing the uniforms. Reyes is irreplaceable but one player does not make a team. After hearing the Mets made no effort to even make an offer... that's the only failure in this. You can't blame Reyes for leaving. The Mets didn't even try.

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