Tis The Season: Robert Tona

I mentioned last week on our Facebook page that I'd like to sell Christmas tree ornaments next holiday season. The idea would be to produce miniature t-shirts with our most popular designs printed on the chests. The backs would say Christmas 2012. I feel like this would be something our fans would like to collect and also look back on to remember what the hot seller was that year. Luckily, Robert Tona, one of the talented fans who "like" our page read that post and took it upon himself to create these AWESOME wooden ornaments. I can't imagine how long this must have taken him, and I am truly grateful that he took time out of his weekend to do this for me. Not sure how they look to you guys from this photograph but in person they are perfect. Super clean work and great attention to detail. They will forever grace my tree for years to come. If you didn't notice the sunglasses and mustache is from our Bobby V t-shirt design and the T7L is obviously our logo. The logo one is actually three layers of wood giving it a very fancy 3D look. If you watch Boomer and Carton on MSG take a look on the desk in front of them. The wooden BOOMER and CARTON names were also made by Robert. It's great to see someone with such a skill create something for others to appreciate. Thank you Robert Tona!

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