Fan Photo: Sex And Baseball

This is a great story. I guess baseball really gets a girl in the mood! Take notes boys, bring your girls to a baseball game... you may even get lucky!
"This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband with our son, although I would not have said that the day it was taken. This is my husband Justin, and our first-born and only son, Gabriel. Justin is a Local 3 Electrician and after our son was born, I was lucky to have him home, on furlough, for seven weeks.  But, less than three weeks after Gabriel's arrival, Justin informed me that he was going to go to the Mets 2010 Opening Day at Citifield.  I was a brand new mom and in a total panic about being home alone with our child! But, I pulled myself together, just enough, to dress our tiny baby up in a too-large Mets onesie, for this photo op with his Mets loving Daddy.  And, since Gabriel was intentionally conceived  (a girl knows when is when) the night my husband took me for my first visit to Citi, in June 2009, who was I to say no?  P.S. - the Mets beat Tampa the night our son was conceived, and they beat Florida the day this picture was taken...the day my husband convinced me that I would be "just fine" on my own as a Mom.
-Paula MacDonald Ferguson"
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