Fan Photo: Baby Shea

This is some dedication! I've heard of others naming their children Shea (Larry "Chipper" Jones for instance) but haven't seen a family go to this length to ensure their first born was a Met fan before coming out of the womb. I hope little Shea turns into a huge fanatic! She obviously has great parents leading her in the right direction. Loyal to orange and blue in the good and bad.... for Shea's future I hope the team rights this sinking ship we all torture ourselves with.
"I love that you're doing fan pics. I just wanted to submit a few, we're such diehard Mets fans that our wedding was Mets themed and we named our first daughter Shea. I was desperate to name our second daughter Carter but my husband talked me out of it. Anyway, all the way from Cincinnati here are a few pictures of our Mets Fandom. Thanks so much, Charity and John."
Thanks for sharing guys! If anyone else wants to share their photos and story email HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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