Product: The Black Cat

I took the day off from updating this blog yesterday but thought up this design during Christmas dinner. Although I almost made it a full day off I quickly whipped up the first draft before bed. The hardest I try to take a day off from this brand it's just not possible. My brain is always thinking and I rarely have a full nights sleep without waking up to check e-mails from my phone or to browse the latest Twitter feed at 5am. If you know your Mets history you wouldn't need the photo on the right to reference the moment. The Mets were playing the rival Cubs at Shea Stadium and a black cat walked the length of the visitors bench. This started the Cubs collapse and we all know the Miracle Mets went on to win the World Series a month later. I wanted to go with a vintage look with this design. Adding color would make it pop too much and since the cat has to be printed in black I am going with a soft cotton grey shirt. These will be available in early 2012. LGM!


  • Did you ever make this shirt?

    Charlie on

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