Gary Carter Foundation

This past summer Kerel from hit me up about raising money for the Gary Carter Foundation. We bounced ideas back and forth and decided on the design you see here. We love ya Kid Carter. Gary aka "Kid" was diagnosed with brain cancer early in the summer and has been going through treatments to battle back to health. This t-shirt raised close to $3,000 for the Gary Carter Foundation and another check will be sent to the charity soon. Mets fans around the world came together for this great cause and Kerel and I were happy to organize it. Today a shirt was sent back to me signed by Gary along with a letter thanking the fans who donated. "Thank you for your support, without people like you we could not do what we do for the foundation." We still have limited sizes available for purchase. Click HERE to pick one up. Thank you to everyone who picked up a t-shirt and contributed towards this donation. We are keeping Gary in our thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery.

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