Donation Check: Tuesdays Children

I just cut this check for Tuesday's Children. You guys stepped up to the plate big time for the charity and words can't express how good it feels to organize something like this. The tragedy of 9/11 touched so many and this Piazza moment 10 days later really lifted the spirits of so many when they needed it most. A home run doesn't change the world but it gave people a reason to smile and cheer even for just that second. New York needed it.

I contacted the legendary artist Joe Pettrucio early in the summer to see if he would be interested in working together on a charity shirt idea. I mentioned the Piazza swing and just a day or two later he e-mailed me his artwork. With Joes amazing art and my printing skills we teamed up to bring the fans a shirt that could raise money for the charity.

When the story ran in the Daily News on 9/11/11 we had collected around $3,000 and since have more than doubled that. The grand total is $7,830 and it will go a long way for the families who need it. Times like this show just how strong the Mets fan base is. Together we can do some great things. THANK YOU!


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