Photo Of The Day: Snow On The 7 Line

If you own a pulse you already know it's frigid here in the northeast. The temps in NYC will not break the freezing mark today (as I type this it's 17 degrees) and the only thing that would help that be acceptable is some snow. Blame it on global warming or what have you, but in my 31 years on earth the weather has never been this hot and cold (literally). This past year we saw an earthquake, hurricane, snow on Halloween and almost 60 degree days in December. As a kid I remember NY getting killed with storms and lately we've only been getting one or two bad ones a year. I say BRING ON THE SNOW! We are NY'ers! People tend to think we live in South Florida and can't handle it. I for one and doing the snow dance until March 31st. If you don't already partake in winter sports I highly recommend it. We have great mountains at our disposal with Hunter (my personal favorite), Windham, Mountain Creek (good if you like the park), Killington and Stowe are a great too if you want to cover more terrain and don't mind an extra couple hours on your drive to Vermont. Plan a trip this winter and try something new! You might have a sore butt and legs for a couple days, but your life will be open to a whole new world of experiences occupying your time before baseball season. Plus, the lodge always has warm adult drinks to keep you busy when the legs quit for the day.

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