Calendar Girl: Tehmeena

Check out our Miss July, Tehmeena here in the Iron Triangle across from Citi Field! Our photographer Bryan Dewitt shot a few horizontal shots that could not be used for the calendar (they had to be shot vertical to fill the pages) so we'll be periodically posting those here for all to see. Get yours HERE for only $10! They are also FREE with orders over $60. On the morning of Wednesday January 18th one of our Calendar Girls will be in studio with Boomer and Carton on WFAN/MSG for the "Do you know more sports than a hot chick" segment. We aren't sure which of our girls was picked yet to be on mic, but all of them were invited to come hang out at the WFAN studio to experience the behind the scenes aspect of a radio show. Should be a great time and of course I'll be live tweeting (@the7line) the whole morning to keep you all updated. Follow the Calendar Girls on twitter: Lauren, January - @llucia3013 Apryl, February- @AprylEvans Deana, March- @DeanaSpiotti Kelly, April- @KellyJo430 Andrea, May- @andrealynnloves Brittany, June- @brittyygracee Tehmeena, July- @MISSMEENA Danielle, August- @DanielleLittlee Rose Ann, September- @roe527 Jackie, October- @Jackie6288 Erika, November- @MsNovember7line Lauren Rose, December- @DiNovs

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