Fan Photo: Babys First Christmas

This is my buddy Marino and his beautiful daughter Dalia. Marino and his brother Nicolas were two of the eight original members of The 7 Line army. We were introduced through a mutual friend back around 2005 and bonded over beer, girls and our love for the Mets. They attended the last game of 2009 with us and have supported hard ever since. That was the first time we wore our shirts from The 7 Line to a game and I'm happy they were a part of the experience. The brand officially took off April of the next year. Marino has blogged for us on occasion but of course has had his hands full lately. Hopefully he's interested in contributing more this season. Follow him on Twitter @JameRockT7L His brother Nicolas submitted the photo and hit up Marino for some words...
"I couldn't wait for the moment to introduce my gorgeous daughter to the team that I love from the borough that I love. Ever since we found out my wife was expecting, I always thought about the day when I can take my daughter to her first Mets game at Citi Field (she already has an orange and blue outfit that she can wear when that day comes). Until then I could only play in my head and imagine how happy I'll be the day of that game. But some of that became a little bit more real when she was showered with a whole bunch of Mets gear for her first Christmas. That's when it sank in that she WILL be a Mets fan. That day at the stadium will be one of the happiest moments of my life and I hope it's not too long until I can celebrate with her a championship in Queens."
I love stories like this. It's not like she really had a choice, Marino is a legitimate fanatic. Let's just hope and pray that shes doesn't rebel to the DARKSIDE! My sincere congratulations to Marino and his wife Crystal. Your baby is beautiful. BLESSINGS! LGM!

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