Fan Photo: I Do

I  met Megan and her husband Kenny a couple times this past season and then coincidently wound up sitting near them this past 9/11 at Citi Field for the unfortunate extra innings loss. I'm sure many would be husbands propose this idea for their wedding photos but get shot down... glad that Megan is a true sport! See you guys at Citi this year!  
"The first photo is of my Husband, Kenny and I on our wedding day in August 2010. When we were planning our wedding we were trying to figure out where the best place to take our wedding photos would be. We wanted something different and I believe it was my mom who said Citi Field. We both loved the idea the minute we heard it and even stuck with it after finding out the Mets would be playing a home game that day. I am so glad we made this decision! I have thousands of unique memorable shots of a place that my Husband and I both love and it was like the Mets and the fans were apart of our special day. The second shot just seemed appropriate to send to you. It is the entire bridal party scattered on the steps leading up to the 7 line. It was a totally random idea for a picture that turned out to be one of the BEST of an amazing day! Note to all future brides, don't knock the idea of wedding pictures at your favorite stadium, then end results re unique gorgeous pictures! Citi Field and the Mets made a great backdrop for our special day! -Megan Lutz-Kearney"
Thank you for sharing this with us Megan! If anyone else would like to share their story and photos email them to LGM!

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