Photo Of The Day: Shea Miracle

Well this is a shame huh? I snapped this pic during the Shea Stadium demolition. It hurt my heart to see a piece of the place I loved in a pile of trash. If you don't remember where this was hung, the whole front wall of the Mezz overhang had words like BELIEVE and MAGIC with images of old great Mets moments. I understand they couldn't have meticulously taken every piece of the place down but these aluminum signs would have been great displayed somewhere it would be appreciated. Even in it's beat up condition I would have taken it, but nobody was around to ask. I heard of a few people who got free seats from the workers just by asking nicely. I would have gladly tossed this in the back of my pickup and was tempted to hop the fence, but wasn't looking to start my life of crime in my late 20's. LGM 2012!

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